Tanya ( Tatiana ) Kucherenko

Tanya ( Tatiana )
somewhere in a town near Donetsk. I want to say Vladveetka???
011 380 664 388 606
Modèle d'arnaque

Professes her undying love for me and uses her beautiful 2 year old baby to entice me to help them get through the terrible War Zone in Donetsk. Begged me to come and rescue her and her baby after  almost a year of communication. I pay for her and her child Passports, scheduled a trip to Kiev, but at last minute tells me she can't meet me due to the Border Guards won't allow her to leavedue to bombings and shootings and killings in the streets. Which is simply not true and the most outrageous lie I could have ever imagined her to tell me. I sent her money monthly for her interpreter fees, cafe fees, and baby food. But there is a cease fire and any Ukraiian is free to leave and travel to Kiev at anytime.

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