OLENA Khrapanicheva

Pays : Ukraine ;
Ville : Lougansk ;
Rue Liniova, code POSTAL 97/36:
91024 ;
Modèle d'arnaque

Il prétend être situé à Lougansk. Demande à envoyer de l'argent via Western Union.


Thank  you  for  your reply! Yes, here is the information you need: To
make a transfer through RIA you need this information:

My name: Olena;
My surname: Khrapanicheva;
Country: Ukraine;
City: Lugansk;
Liniova street, 97/36
ZIP code: 91024;

After  you  make  your  transfer,  I will need the exact amount of the
transfer and the secret code of the transfer.

In order to use the PaySend you need this number:


You  don't need IBAN, or the Bic - Swift code. The transfer will comes
to the visa card. You may send in USD.



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