Oksana Rymarchyk

Tipo de estafa, pago de la traducción y luego la del accidente del corte en la mano
Modèle d'arnaque

Planea que le envies dinero para pagar la traduccion atravez de una supuesta agencia profteamtranslate.com que toma el control de la cuenta de ella para pedir que pages para seguir con la correspondencia, luego se hace que tuvo un accidente y pide que le envies mas dinero

Echantillons de ses messages

Hello Joaquin!I am glad to write you again! Its me Oksana!Sorry for beingin hurry, but I hope this short, but private letter would help us toknow each other better. Don't you mind? Are you still free?As  you  may already understand that I am not for fun or for couple ofdates!  I have joined the site looking for a nice man, which can standas  a man at my side and knows,when and how to be a man. A man to whomI  will  give  myself  completely  and  he  will  give  himself  to mecompletely. Unfortunately,now in modern world, it is so easy to find sex, but I hope  and  search  for  real  love.  Pure  love  ,  not  for money orstatus!Love, which makes people happy no matter difficulties!

Looks like the same woman who

Looks like the same woman who is trying to scam me with the same name, Oksana: 

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Me too

Me tooSealed

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 I am in a correspondence

 I am in a correspondence with her too; lives in cherson; is a weather; must work hard; can not pay the cost anymore to

translate her letters to me; she and www.profteamtranslaters. com : gave adresses and name to pay them trough " Western Uniun"

I knew Enough and decided to cheque FRAUDE; Thanks to You DEAR FRIENDS my e-mail: fb237770@skynet.be

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I also am (until now)

I also am (until now) communicating with the same woman or whatever or whoever. Only using a different last name. Oxsana/Oksana Kepka.

 DOB June 16, 1991, Lives in Kherson Ukraine the address I was given was not in Google Earth, nor was the address for profteamtranslate.com listed in their emails.

Unfortunately, I fell for sending them funds for translation services. I have received several photos, but the last one I received with her holding a bouquet of flowers

gave me a red flag. The photo on here I have not received.. Also a different email address! A very smooth operator!! Identical message!!


She uses Lyudmila Gudzenko to

She uses Lyudmila Gudzenko to