Oksana Melnyk

Date de naissance

Social media:
a. Telegram - @my_love_rrr
b. Email - bion.oka@metto.com.ua
c. Email - mel.oksana717@gmail.com (I believe this is the PayPal address)

Modèle d'arnaque

6. Funds Received. This person will initially ask you to purchase gifts on site that will supposedly be used for visas and travel to your country. She will insist on including her daughter (or maybe daughters depending on the site) which doubles the cost. In 2023, funds were sent through PayPal. The subject will use her own name, her mother's name and the name of a friend, Alevtina Krivulova.


7. The subject will likely send you talking videos. The subject herself even arranged two live video calls that were translated with Alevtina Krivulova. This person definitely exists whether the name is legitimate or not. 


8. The subject current claims to reside in Lodz, Poland with a friend of her mother. Poland was supposedly the flight origin for travel to the US. The subject claimed to have a tourist visa for the US.


9. This person will convincingly tell victims / prey tells of woe that prevent the trip to whatever foreign country. These tales ranged from hospitalization for COVID, to her father's death and funeral, to being hit with drone shrapnel to the final comedy of her being mugged in Krakow, Poland while en route to the airport to book flights. 

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