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Belarus woman, Attention, person who flees her country following a corruption affair with her spouse and uses Tinder or other dating sites to obtain visas or marriage in Canada or the EU. Lies, manipulation, scam

Hello, I confirm that this…

Hello, I confirm that this girl is only looking for money and visas...she has a 3 year old daughter...the father is in prison for 8 years in kazakhstan...Lies about her situation

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I remember this person with…

I remember this person with whom I had communicated on Tinder and Whattsapp in March 2021...very quickly in love on the phone and I had found it strange that a woman wanted to leave for Canada so I understand better!!

Thank you for the site which really informs about the reality of the bad intentions of certain women.

So everyone be careful!!


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Je conseille vivement à la…

Je conseille vivement à la personne qui à publié ses documents personnels sans autorisation.

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If men submit photos,…

If men submit photos, documemt, phone numbers, emails of woman they have been scammed by, it is because they have been in contact or relationship whit these woman and therefore that had access to these elements whit these woman.

And so that these woman shared theses documents or gave access by being in a relationship. The man inform on the site the scams of wich they have been victims whit the elements. Since the war in Ukraine, the number of scames are very important in Europe end rest of the world whit social networks or dating sites.

The information about the woman declared for fraud by the men on the site can be used by the authorities if the cases are pending.

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