Mariya Kochetkova

Street Rizhskaya, house 41
Khanty-Mansiyskiy avtonomnyy okrug
Modèle d'arnaque

Contacted me via Plenty Of Fish. Then moved to emailing only. She deleted her Plenty Of Fish account. She called me on the phone twice over 3 months.

Echantillons de ses messages

Chris, expensive! I am very glad that I see your letter! Yesterday I
explained to my mom how to use the Internet. I want her to write to me
when we will be with you. Chris, my love, how can you not understand
what I worry about you when I do not see your letter from you !!! I
understand that you have a lot to do, that you have a job, that you
have your own responsibilities, but I ask you to explain, for the
whole day it’s so hard for you to take a minute to write me at least a
couple of lines, to say what’s wrong with you all is well that I did
not worry? Answer me, explain. My love, I am sorry that you have to
work and because of this you will not be able to receive benefits. My
love, the main thing is to follow all safety and hygiene measures. My
love, yes, you are right that more people die from the flu than from
the coronvirus, but the virus is more dangerous in that it spreads
much faster than any other virus and therefore it is more dangerous.
Chris, I am very glad that our meeting was close! Chris, today my
mother received a loan for 1150 U.S. dollars. I think that this will
be enough to pay for my documents and ticket. When I had money, I
immediately went to a travel agency and paid for documents and a
ticket to you. Chris, when I paid for the trip, I was told that now I
need to start the rest of the processes to prepare the trip. Since the
world is in a difficult situation, the travel agency will prepare me
for a trip to another. I already told you about this and you know my
plan. My love, we also filled out all the necessary documents with a
travel agency and sent inquiries to a volunteer organization. They
gave us an answer and said that they would do everything necessary to
help with the preparation of documents. What pleases me most is that
the visa will be issued for 3 years! 3 years do you represent ???? All
this time we can be with you and can be happy. I'm very happy! It will
take me about 2 weeks to complete all the documentation. After which
the volunteer organization will direct me to get a work visa. Tomorrow
I will also need to go to a travel agency so that they confirm all the
information. This is a very difficult and complicated process which
will be very difficult to do, but I am ready! I am ready for all
difficulties and I will follow you to the very end. You are very dear
to me! Now there is no turning back .. We will soon be together.
Chris, tomorrow I have to inform The name of the travel agency of your
airport. I have to give them the name of your airport soon. Chris, now
I have to start preparing for the trip. Chris, now our meeting is
approaching every day. I still have a lot to do! The travel agency
told me that my English this is very good, and I will not have
problems at the interview. I am very happy! Chris, I have a few
questions for you. Can you help me with my preparing for the trip? Can
you help me make a list of necessary items? What should I take from my
clothes? I don't know what the weather is will be in the city in two
weeks? Can you help me with this? Chris, I love you! I need you and
your love! I really want to be with you. I think You can see it. I
will do everything for our happiness. Yours and yours Maria.

P.S Chris, I hope you give me the name of your airport.

She could of using agency to…

She could of using agency to talk to you as you can see nothing but perfect English. To me looks very suspicious.

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