Maria Lisok

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Modèle d'arnaque

Visa/travel money scam. She does not give many warning signs such as professing too much affection too early or sending provacative photos. But hints were there. Her phone would not accept international calls. The first time she called me, she said she was calling from a pay phone, but her caller ID came up as the number she had given me. Then, when she called me later allegedly from her own phone, it came up as "private number". She refused to Skype until we started talking about meeting in person, but then she broke our Skype plans 3 times in a row. Be aware that this IS a real woman. Early on she sent me a greeting video in which she addressd me by name. There is a blacklist site that indicates her photos are stolen. This is INCORRECT. These are the real photos of a real woman who will give you video "evidence". Also note her voice in the video matched the voice on the phone (I recorded the calls). I don't know if she is acting on her own or part of an organization, but this is a real woman, not a man sending pretty pictures.

Echantillons de ses messages

She does not send form letters. Each message was a careful and detailed point-by-point response to my prior message, and I had to initiate contact with her.

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