Maria Chorna

ruska 17b
post code 46000
+380 66 415 1567
Modèle d'arnaque

1st  time she ask you 130USD for getting her biometric passport so she can travel to you - the she ask money for her train, then she pretends having to pay hotel for dogs while she comes to visit you, then she ask monex to buy a new coat for traveling, one she pretends to be at the airport she send you an urhent mail saying that she is stuck at cursoms and they ask her to have at leat 700USD i her account if she wants to take the flight. she stalk you with mail sayingthat is urgent and she will miss teh flight if you dont pay.


Echantillons de ses messages

29.01.20 à 13:41 - Maria Chorna: my phone is very low i sent you an email,please be very fast because i need to go now,i have an hour more or less
29.01.20 à 13:42 - Maria Chorna: send to the westeern union agent at airport and send me email now please
29.01.20 à 13:42 - Maria Chorna: i didnt know about all these,its my first time
29.01.20 à 13:45 - Maria Chorna: hello have you seen email,i have to go off from app to save little battery
29.01.20 à 13:45 - Maria Chorna: dont waste little time after seeing email,i am sad now
29.01.20 à 13:45 - Maria Chorna:

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