Liliia / Lily Dragan /Drahan

Liliia / Lily
Dragan /Drahan
Kiev / Ukraine
Modèle d'arnaque

I met Lily / Liliya Drahan / Dragan online before 1,5 years at under the name « Mothers Eyes ».

After getting her private email she seemed to be very serious about me and told she is struggeling very much in Kiev with the war and is only helping refugees and kids in shelter. So i have her money to her friends bankcar, as she hasn' t an own one :

Inna Alexandrovna, …8459

later to

Anna Skliarenko 5375414119982568

Paypal :

Telegram : 380 66 961 00 21

I supported her all the time as she always told, what a good girl she is and only support thes kids and her parents. She was working as a Nanny, she told too.

As i asked for meeting she always refused,as she was afraid to leave in the war.

Maintenant, en août, j'ai finalement décidé de le rencontrer pour les vacances et nous avons donc convenu. I have sent her a lot of money, she needed also a replacement Nanny for her job, she badly lied to me. She made fake flight tickets from travel agency "My Way" from Kiev

The last day before meeting she suddenly told she is already at the border and need 800 usd again to leave because of an old debt.

This i refused, as she did not sent me any proof for it.

Now i searched more for her and finally found her Instagram, @lily_dragan avec 11,4 k followers.

There she showed up that she always was traveling around the last year with my money and didn' t cared a sh…t about the war and her counessayez l'Ukraine. Elle veut juste sa propre vie heureuse en traînant badly les autres.

When she booked the holiday with me she was currently in Cyprus for a holiday.

At all i have spent 900,000 hrivna, which is about 30,000 usd.

Of course i will report her friends now all to the police.

If anybody can assist me with this, i would be very happy.

I am sure,i am not the only guy she cheated.

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