Larisa Kolesnik

Petrakovskogo street, 3/29, the city of Antratzyt, Lugansk region, Ukraine, 94612
+380 99 423 9527
Modèle d'arnaque

First tons of pictures, romantic messages, then out of the blue request to meet asap. Then the typical scam of  need for new passport, price 250 Euros (Reality 40 Euros) + a lot of additional costs....

Echantillons de ses messages

Really, problem solved? Why you're so confident in this? Maybe, you think that travelling to Kiev is like an easy cakewalk, but it's only for first look. It’s about 1000 km.

1 -  must receive permission from rebel's government  for leaving the territory of Lugansk People's Republic (it's obligatory for all people, who want to travel) - 80 Euro, will be ready for 1 day

2 -  I need to receive the permission from the SSU (for entering to Ukrainian side on the military check-point). I have to fill special form for SSU, where I write my personal data, route, aim of travelling and other details. After I have to wait minimum 14 days, maximum - unknown how many days. They make decision - am I a danger to Ukrainian state security or not

Second picture

Second picture


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