Ksenia Dostoevskaya

Modèle d'arnaque

Asks for money on other social networks, asks for gifts on the dating sites, never agrees to share contact onfo, lies about questions asked, becomes very defensive when asked about lies she is caught telling, says that the man is breaking her heart, never wants to discuss a subject on one site, wants the conversation to be discussed on another site only to be very defensive there! Lies about where she has traveled to, lies about what she said in a previous conversation, always has excuses as to why she can't meet in her city, lies about chatting with other men while chatting with one! Uses recorded video on video chat. Don't trust this woman! She's probably married or has a boyfriend! You can find her Facebook profile! She's very good at manipulating men into spending lots of money to chat! Catch her and she will become defensive to the point she says she's crying, but her video says otherwise! 

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