Kristina Vladimirovna/kordiushiova

Russia 214036
Smolensk Ulitsa popova 119-27
Modèle d'arnaque

The woman introduces herself saying that she is looking for a man who knows how to love her, says she is 36 years old, tales of her parents who died in Chechnya, and raised alone, having done everything alone, now she says to teach in a school of Smolensk exactly the 37th of Ulitsa popova. After 3 emails, confess eternal love and say you only want you. Then after 2 more emails he wants to come to you but there is a problem he has to do the documents and he asks you for 400 €. Then he will also ask you for the money for the plane but he will never come to you, be careful, do not trust these women. Except miraculously.

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