Iryna, Irusik, Irina

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- dialogue sur un site gratuit de rencontres Fdating puis conversation via WhatsApp

- de nombreuses incohérences: inscrite sur la ville d'Odessa, dit travailler dans un salon de beauté à Kadievka (Kadiïvka) dans l'est de l'Ukraine - N'a jamais voyagé en dehors de son pays et présente une photo avec sa maman à la Cathédrale de l'Assomption à Vitebsk (Bélarus) - Aucune justification à mes remarques

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Good morning !☺️ How are you? We did a big job with Anna already! Ton of laundry. It is a game for her to sort colors from whites, and putting socks together. Don't hesitate to ask her, if you need help with that? Now I am going to work and I will work till 5. What are you doing with your Saturday? Take my kiss and have a wonderful day

Dear, thank you for writing to me again and posting photos. It is wonderful to have someone to text even if we have not met in person yet☺️ My mom is a nurse, my father worked at pharmacy, he died when I was 25, I have no siblings. I can share more facts about me☺️ I am absolutely healthy. For me important to keep my word. I like hugging and good souls. I prefer cozy cafe to luxury restaurant. I never smoked in my life. I think I can live in any part of the world, I adapt easily. I am cleanliness fanatic, I like tidy and neat home. I can cook well. Do you like more going out or staying at home in the evenings?

You travelled a lot, I never had such voyages. I don't argue with people too. You seem a nice guy. You don't live next door and this seems unusual to like someone online, but love is such a thing.. May be we start online and end up with meeting and see future together. I know many people found partners like this when Covid happened. I am looking for happiness and peace, for real emotion, home for my soul, One world for Two hearts. Will you please tell what you appreciate the most in ladies? and what you dislike?

I adore our conversations but it is difficult to write more now, my weekend started? I am leaving for home and I will clean it. On Sunday we go to farmer's market with cousin and then gather at her place for family lunch. I will say something when I connect to network again

It was important for me to read that you can have relationship with someone with a little child. My Anna is a calm and gentle baby, at the age of 1 year old she is only learning basic things. I keep working during day so I registered Anna at 0-3 nursery group. Twice a week we visit baby water class, she enjoys water. At all other time we play at kids areas, parks or at home. Anna father is not in her life, I'd like start life with a man whom she can call daddy. For how long you stay single? Do you feel comfortable to say what was wrong in your past relationship that you ended it?

I feel beautifully when I read from you, I don't know why but I believe in us. I always wanted to learn French language, I think it will be next step if we create relationship, if I will be near you it will add French to my daily routine and make progress quicker. You wanted my opinion on our age, right? My answer is you look good for your age. I enjoy looking at you. Age difference is totally normal for me, I want to build life with older man, and I think relationship with older man can be great and even more successful than with boys of my age. I don't regret living together, but I personally more prefer getting married. I am not speaking about big wedding ceremony, and  it is not that I want legal document to love my man, I am just romantic and I love status being a wife of beloved husband

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