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Russia has just authorized the use of patents or documents from countries hostile to the war for falsification purposes. 

It is therefore necessary to be extremely careful about the contacts undertaken with people from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan in particular. 

Many people will falsify or fabricate false documents in order to obtain visas, residence permits, resident cards. Social networks are widely used by scammers and dating sites as well.

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It is therefore necessary to be extremely careful.


They have agencies for…

They have agencies for Online Dating. I'm sure they have all forms of documents, and all they have to do is to print name of the person, date and amount of money they need. So be aware of documents they providing to you and of course agent might be writing to you instead of the woman you looking for. Maybe the one who sent you email is the agent and not the girl. They probably have booklet of her pictures, and your email address given to them by the site that you are member of.

For example,

If you are member of Tinder, Hi5, Bumble,  AFF ... All these sites might selling your emails to some agency in Russia or whatever. Soon after, they will start emailing to you to catch conversation with you,  to get your money in most efficient way. BE AWARE ...

My advice is to you all, avoid sending money. That's it, simple.

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