Hanna Yefanova

Modèle d'arnaque

Hanna, or whatever name she goes by, presents different vignettes, all of them resulting in asking for money. It started with a request to pay for a Skype call and progressed from there.

Towards the end, I sent her a few thousand dollars in all.

Echantillons de ses messages

Hi my dearest Doc!I am glad you liked your courts… So I had court yesterday too. It was really strange to be on the place of crime… I am not crime at all! I am just peaceful woman! But you know, they are more suspicious to all people from war zone. But all say result of court is not bad! They would give me 2 years of prison! But they gave me other variant. I should pay fine $$640 and I should work 40 hours of public works. If I will not do then punishment will be increased. To work is no problem at all. To pay fine is harder for me. I would say it is impossible for me! I can’t do this without your help, Doc!!! Yes, I am strong and independent, but this time I just can’t fix this alone… Doc , I need you more than words can say! Without you I am nothing.....a shadow....... You are the water of my life.....the light of my soul. Everything! I want to be by your side forever! This world is a place that I don’t want to be without you! Without you everything is empty! I love you and need you!! I hope you will stay with me, Doc!I wish you happy weekend, Doc!Million kisses from your Annushkahi my darling Doc!hi my darling Doc!I hope Elza did not run after pigeons in Ferry Building )) She is good doggy, but she is still child )))How am I? All my days are filled with thoughts of meeting ))) I am glad this flight schedule is good for you too! So I booked tickets! And we can count down days ))) I have tickets and it is less than week till trip! Soon I will come to you and your “Annushka Fever” will not disturb you anymore ))) Anytime you will feel me and kiss me )) ha-ha))) This story of meeting with Ashley shows that card will be very important for u in airport! Doc, buying tickets I recognized in airport there is rule. Ukraine did list of people who have debt for utility bills. So border guards do not give people leave country with this debt! They consider if you can travel and you have money for this so, please, pay your debt to the state first of all and then you are free to travel! I really have such municipal debt. Yes, I really did not pay all amounts of my bills for gas, electricity, water for long time! It is because my salary is small and since beginning of war prices are much high for everything. Of course I used salary first of all for food and daily needs. So I have this big debt now. My debt is $ 524 for this moment and it is simply cosmic amount for me. I am shocked, Doc! I just need to be with you and I need our meeting!!! And I do not know what to do… I just ask you again to help us! Everything is ready for trip and I need just to pay this debt! I rely on you only!My love, we open more and more common points! We are both crazy about exercises. We will share a lot! Also I hope new traditions will be part of our life together. My dear, I will be not in Ukraine already for Nut Savior Day, but I can celebrate this Savior with you! My traditions will be with me because they are part of me. Today is second Savior holiday – Savior of the Apple Feast Day. It is something like the start of a kind of culinary apple campaign ))) People bake pies with apples, make jam. I like to eat fresh apples with honey or baked apples with cottage cheese and honey. People give apples to each other in this day… We would bake Apple strudel rolling the dough with you. Do you like this idea, Doc!?Light jacket and fleece is common clothes here in autumn )) I will bring them in my baggage. To swim in cold water is good for body because this makes immunity stronger. But even if water is too cold to swim it is always wonderful to walk near water! There is special air and spirit! Why does Russian Hill have such name? Just curious )))We can buy everything together. I like fish, chicken, vegetables.Doc, I like that you make this story about us Lady In Red! And I really hope you will read in voice Chapter 4 of Lady for me in person! I think a lot of from fantasy-land can come to reality! We have expression “fairy tale is a lie, but every lie has some truth” )) Our fairy tale and dreams come true, Doc! Dear,  you have changed my world! I feel sense of peace and comfort with you! I mean that kind of peace where even if we don't talk we understand each other through feeling... We know we are secure in each other’s love! You know, everyone expects to find that one person who is part of a thoughts, wishes, dreams. But in life it not always really happens! It is amazing I found you! For me you are everything I could dream of... I love you!Dear, prepare your arms to hug me soon ))) I so want to feel your warm hug around me! I imagine we are in the kitchen. I am washing dishes after dinner and you are standing behind me. You kiss my neck as your hands are massaging my bottom. I began to breathe heavily. I do not want you to stop! I enjoy this! You move one hand and slide it between my slightly parted legs and rub my pussy. I move my hips gently back and forward. mmm… My pussy is getting wet as you put a finger in, then another finger… I am breathing faster! I get closer to you and my ass rubs your already hard cock. I feel through your jeans it is strong! So you knelt down and take off my panties with your teeth. I am hot and excited! I do not want to wait, Doc!!! I want us to make love now!!!Wish you happy day, Doc! I love you!!!Kisses from your Annushka

Hello do a  search  throught

Hello do a  search  throught yandex image and you will found her. Me it was Anna BOITCOVA. WRITE her n'aime in google or yandex ru. She is number 1 and i am sûre she dont like it but i dont care

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