Elina Yasinska, scammeuse, fausse rencontre Ukraine, Akhtyrka

Prénom/First name
scammeuse, fausse rencontre
Nom/Last name
Ukraine, Akhtyrka

thats all lies, i am

thats all lies, i am currently speaking to this lady and she is very genuine and decent girl. she rejected this guy who posted this lying fraud schceme on this site.after chatting for a while with him, as a way of revenge, i believe. please i would like to remove his post.


She is definitely she is a

She is definitely she is a scammer, we are in contact for a while, she is sending me photos of she naked, after I am sending the money she stops talking with me


I send a photo of her

I send a photo of her document, she sends me to send money, she is very kind until she sends the money and then disappears, she always has financial or health problems, it's  how to get the money


Elina Yasinska

Elina Yasinska from Jmelnitski, Ukraine


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