elena fedorovna

Russia, village of Nursola, Nursola street, house 5, apartment 3. Index 425457
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Demande d'email via Meetic puis échanges d'emails pendant quelques semaines puis demande d'argent pour faire le voyage en France 

Echantillons de ses messages

Hello my beloved B !

I got your letter. I read your letter very carefully. You sent the exile to speak to me after the video link. But unfortunately at us not to surrender to talk on the video link. The point is that there is no camera and microphone on my work computer. So even if you call me, you can't see or hear me.

My lovely B., I became a very happy woman, when did I write you the letters. I never had such a thing before! And thanks to you I became a fun-loving woman! I used to devote all the time to boring work. With me there was never present love. And in my life you appeared. I am so grateful to fate for that. God I'm so happy with you Thank you for that.

My beloved B., but as soon as I went to the tourist agency to know everyone about my trip to you ... I gave myself to the shock. There is hardly any option left to take the last step until the moment that I can get to you, I have suffered the shock. I heard the price of the ride from you, it's 1000 euros. I was just panicking. I didn't know me to make it. I started asking for help from everyone here. I asked my best friend about the money on credit in the first place. But she couldn't take me. Because she and the man spent the last of the money to pay the loans. I began to ask everyone I knew on credit. But none of them could take away from me. Just what did I start doing later? I went to the bank to try to take the loan. I thought my hope was to find the money on the way to you. When did I get to the bank, I walked all the rows in the bank. I was hoping what will get the loan out for me. When did the employee in the bank look at all of my documents, he was ready to come in. BUT! Hardly looked at the document of my salary, so I immediately refused the loan. Explained to me that the bank cannot give me the loan because of my small salary. I left the bank and went to work. And what about my parents? My parents are already retired. Where to look for help?

My only B., when I read your letter, my tears went away. Even then, the whole world collapsed on me. I asked for help from you in the hope that you will understand me correctly and you can help me with solving this problem. And after your letter, I became very worried about our first meeting. I want our first meeting !!!!! You understand? But if we don't solve this problem with my trip to you, our first meeting won't be. Where to look for help? I fear that you will throw me and you will leave me here. I am afraid of it!

My nice B., I understand that you are just the man I need so much. You that man, around whom I want to live for the whole of my life. And I ask you not to let me have one. I ask you, so that you were row with me until the end! Maybe we can solve this problem with my trip to you together? Yes, I understand that it is the very large sum of money. Understand that without your help I cannot get to you. Understand that our first meeting with you depends on you. You understand it? Our future with you depends on you now. And if you can help me with my trip to you, then we will be together. If we decide this problem, then HAPPY END is waiting for us !!! I beg you so that you have thought about it ...

I also want to tell you that today I will go to the telephone station and I will call you. I hope you won't miss my bell and you will answer me. I will be glad to hear your voice.

Now I will end the letter with the thoughts on you and our thoughts on the first meeting with you. I like you!. I send you the tender kisses.

Your liking Elena

bonjour faite une recherche

bonjour faite une recherche via yandex image et vous verrez que c'est pas le bon nom. moi j'ai black liste anna boitcova dans tout les moteurs de recherche, deposé plainte et ecris à l'ambassade russe. croyer moi elle doit regreter.       https://profiles-vkontakte.ru/179021032-ana-diu%C8%9Ba-bendery.html

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