Danara Baidagulova

Lenin Ave 106
455008 Magnitogorsk
Modèle d'arnaque

Typical one: falss in love after 2 weeks, holiday coming up and wants to meet, can't pay the full amount for the tickets and visa so wants a small amount of money, gets visa and then needs a big sum of money because she needs to proof that she can travel abroad and support herself. The scam is very good because some of the facts she uses are indeed true and she is even getting an actual visa + she sends a postcard. But there are several red flags here:

- broken phone so she uses her laptop from work and friends phone to call you (this way she is in control and can communicate with several people without being surprised by your call

- she does video calls but the connection is so bad, it actually does not work. But this we she shows you she is real and willing

- ask for a video of her home, she does not give you that

- if you ask proof of something (tickets f.e.), she flips the conversation that you don't trust her and tries to make you feel guilty


She is smart and real, but the scam itself is the standard one.

Echantillons de ses messages

My dear, I want to tell you that I take you seriously, I am serious about meeting you. And I'm really glad that you want to date me too. I'm very glad if you're serious about me. After all, I treat you with good chemistry and serious intentions. ;-) I want to speed up the time so that we can be together.

I want to immerse myself in your world, in your everyday life. It's so important for me to feel all this for myself.
I dream of looking into your life in your country. I want to understand how you live, what kind of lifestyle you lead. Meeting you is a chance to get to know your life from the inside.
My thoughts on this do not stop. And now I understand only one thing: our feelings can only become real during a meeting.
I want to study you, get into your personality, because you are an extraordinary person. Do you share my opinion? I think we deserve our relationship.

I understand that you've freed up a few extra days for me. But we have several options right now. I'll explain it to you, I hope, if you can understand me. You know that my goals are to find a man to build a serious relationship with him. I found you and I'm very happy about it. You appeared in my life like a
ray of sunshine in cloudy weather. And now it seems to me that the sun is shining and I wake up in a good mood. I asked you to meet and I'm glad you agreed. My vacation lasts 40 days. And I thought we could spend as much time with you as possible. I invited you to my house. But I didn't realize that you would have a difficult schedule at work and you could spend one week with me. I thought that if it's so difficult for you to come to me because of your work schedule, then I could come to you. I was planning to spend my entire vacation with you, and that would be enough time for us to figure out if we could build a serious relationship. I understand that you have work to do, that you are busy, but you are free in the evening, for the weekend. You work from home. I could probably be your motivator.


Of course, I'm glad that you can come to me for a week. But you will come, we will spend time with you and you will return. But what could we decide about the meeting in this short time? I have goals to build a serious relationship in the future. I'm not making plans right now, it's impossible. But even during the week of our meeting, we could understand if we could build something serious. Unfortunately, I only have one vacation a year. If you come to me, it will be good. But in order for us to build a serious relationship with you, we will have to wait a year again. You won't be able to come to Russia because of the political situation. And I think that you do not intend to build a relationship with me and live in Kazakhstan. If everything worked out between us, you would invite me to your house. I would like to spend more time with you, get to know your lifestyle. It's necessary to build a serious relationship.

Hello my lovely! How are you doing? I hope you're not having a tiring day today? I've had a difficult day. I was at a travel agency. I have some news. I'll try to explain it to you.
I'll tell you the news. I was provided with a price list, and I chose the best option. You can see it on the contract with the travel agency:
1) International passport = 72000 Tenge (147 euro)
2) Plane ticket : Astana - Frankfurt - Amsterdam = 202000 Tenge (410 euro)
A return ticket with a free date is also included here. considering that I have made contact with a travel agency, the prices for air tickets will be cheaper than buying somewhere on the Internet.
3) Consular fee = 34000 Tenge (70 euro)
4) Insurance policy = 59800 Tenge (110 euro)
5) Plane ticket: Kostanay - Astana = 52500 Tenge (108 euro)
6) visa = 32900 Tenge (67 euro)
Total: 453200 Tenge (912 euro)


My monthly salary is 35,000 rubles (175 000 Kazakh tenge or 350 euros). Therefore, a trip to you is certainly a costly part of the budget now.
My dear, I only have 350 euros at the moment.
I tried to borrow the rest of the money. but I will only be able to borrow 130 euros. I will be able to pay 480 euros. I really hope that you are ready to make an effort and make part of the payment too?
I will not be able to pay for the trip in full.
My dear, I don't want to ask you for help. but I will be grateful if you can help pay for the remaining 432 euros.

Now the most unexpected news. Today we received a response from the visa application center. I'm sad to tell you this. But it is necessary to act decisively.
I hope you can understand me.
The document on my ability to pay, which I provided earlier, is not suitable for me to obtain a visa. I will have to have with me a statement from my bank account that I have a balance of at least 4,500 euros there.
I have tears in my eyes. Fate wants to separate us again.
The manager of the travel agency said. I have to send a new statement from my bank account about my balance of at least 4,500 euros to the visa application center in order to receive my visa. I thought it was just a prank. The manager asked me to calm down and explained that this 4500 euro money does not need to be spent on travel. You only need to provide a certificate of solvency of 4,500 euros.


My visa is valid for 90 days. I will be able to stay for 90 days.
But according to my vacation declaration and tickets, I will be in your country for 30 days.
This means that by law I will have to carry 1,500 euros to Belgium. do you understand me?
1 day = 50 euro!
I will receive my visa at the visa application center on the day of departure and must show there a statement from my bank account with a balance of at least 1,500 euros.
If I don't have this money, then I won't be given a visa and I won't be able to fly to you.


My dear, I couldn't believe it for a long time. I do not know what to do. Our meeting is in danger.
I need to find 1,500 euros to deposit them into my account and immediately make a "Certificate of my account status" in the bank. I have very little time. I'm very worried.
I'm scared because I'm afraid we won't be able to meet. It is impossible for me to find this money.