Arzu Shirinova

3/1 Havanna street
Modèle d'arnaque

This woman scammed me for the amount of $27266AUD

it is a lot of money i hope

it is a lot of money i hope you write to russian ambassade


My i ask when this happened

My i ask when this happened to you? I have been tlaking to the same woman off and on for over a year and i have given her money too but not as much as you..Have you spent time with her in person?


I met her in February 2019 &

I met her in February 2019 & over the past year we kept in contact daily. She made me feel as if she was my woman.

I met Arzu in person in Odessa & kept in contact once I returned to Australia.
I'd like to know your story Billy. How do you know Arzu?

What promises has she made you? Did She tell you she is your woman?

What reasons has she given you why she needed money?



Hi,I first started talking


I first started talking with Arzu in November 2018. It was about a week before her birthday. She started asking me for money right around her birthday saying she needed it to pay for party. I then sent her more money for the next 2 months and bought her a plane ticket to america and bought tickets for us for Disney, which we would have been going to in Feb 2019 the month you started talking with her. In Jan 2019 i started thinking she was lying to me about things and i googled her name. I found her on many dating sites most of which were proven scam sites. I confronted her and she said she didn't meet guys she just was paid to have her pictures on the sites. But she would always tlel me she needed money and if i was her boyfriend i would take care of her. Then she would say she was going to Kiev for a few days or her grandmothers or sisters and i wouldn't hear from her but yet she needed more money . When i confronted her about things we just stopped tlaking. Then this past November 2019 i decided to write her again after her birthday and we started talking again, Right after she told me she lost her job, which then i knew she would starty asking for money again..In december she asked if we were boyfriend and girlfriend and she said she would be my woman and started asking for money she said she needed to pay back people she borrowed money from. So it was like everything started all over again..same as first time..So i googled her name and saw her name on this site and responded to your post because she has been tlaking about getting married to me and wnating to travel but never has met me and wanted me to send her about 2500 american dollars...I can't believe she did this to me twice. Well really only once because this second time i havent sent her any money. Lat time i only lost about $3000 plus the plane ticket money. When was the last time you talked to her? She told me as of tomorrow she was going to be at her grandmothers and out of touch. Did you meet her on a dating site? How much time were you together in Odessa? Do you mind telling me your name?


I am also curious, do you

I am also curious, do you have any pictures of the two of you together? And did she send you pictures and videos of her on new years eve this year? I am wondering if she has been talking to the both of us over the last two months  at the same time with the same stories.


Hi..I was hoping to hear more

Hi..I was hoping to hear more from you...Really trying to figure this all out.....I can talk on viber or whatsapp if thats easier too..


Arzu's profile picture

Arzu's profile picture


I have done many video chats

I have done many video chats when we first met in November 2018 and when we started talking again november 2019 up until a week ago..When you met in Odessa did she stay with you or you just had a few dates? Were you doing video chats too? When was the last time you talked with her?


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