Anytik (Anna) Petropavlovsk

Anytik (Anna)
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Jeune veuve de 43 ans cherchant homme plus agé veut changer de vie bla bla bla

utilise plusieurs adresses mail mais elle ne change que le numéro j'ai été contacter avec le numéro 11 la semaine dernière et avec le numéro 20 aujourd'hui

 donc une vrai arnaqueuse

Echantillons de ses messages

Hello Pierre!
I am very glad that I can have the opportunity to write you a letter.
My name is Anna and I'm 43 years old. You understand that I was born in
the USSR, and when there was a breakdown, I was a young girl.
many Russians went abroad and started a new life. At that time I met a
man and lived with him for many years. I have an 18 years daughter. Her
name is Elena. She's in college. If I decide to leave Russia, then she
will not mind,
do not worry about it! I  live at peninsula Kamchatka, in city
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. You can read on the Internet about my city, if
you are interested.
I talked to men on the Internet and I got a lot of negative.
I do not like talking about sex, because I'm a well-bred woman from a
decent family. all intimate thoughts only with my man. I do not like
arrogance and disrespect!
I am a very kind and gentle woman and I believe that I will have a decent and faithful man.
Many men write immediately about deception and ask for proof. I'm tired of taking these negative thoughts.
are all values ??lost and all bad people around? I am very positive and
believe in a new love and a happy life. Maybe I'm naive, but I want to
believe only in good!
I do not know what else to write in the first letter. I applied to the
international dating agency of my city. and filed my questionnaire with
the data. There I received your email address.
Tell me about yourself. Do you work ?
I would like to change my life and have a new job. Maybe it will be half a day.
But now it's too early to talk about it. I wanted you to know my
thoughts. I do not want to be a burden for my man, I also want to help
our future family.
I hope you understand me.
I am waiting for your letter.

Ich hoffe du hast deinen…

Ich hoffe du hast deinen Wunschpartner gefunden Anna.

Alles liebe und viel Glück für die kommende Zeit

Franz Kronberger (non vérifié)

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