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Hello. I think that you didn't expect me to write
you first. Probably, you think why I write to you to you?
I don't know, probably because I can find the
strength to make the first step.
What do you think, I'm interested in your opinion?
Today is a good day for new acquaintance?
I think, today is a great day. I hope you don't
mind if I introduce myself?
Great, my name is Anna, but many of my colleagues
and acquaintances call me Anya. I am from in Ukraine, in a city
Have you heard about Ukraine before? Tell me where
you're from?
I would be interested to know how far we are from
each other.
By the way, now I am 29 years old, I hope that this
will not be a problem for you, very soon I will have an anniversary, I will be
30 years old.
I don't smoke, and don't use drugs. I don't like
strong alcohol, but I can drink a few low-alcohol cocktails on the occasion of
the holiday.
I believe that ordinary girl, and for me is
difficult praise myself and speak about my strengths and
Simply put, I can say that I do not consider myself
a special girl.
I'm not afraid to ruin my manicure when cleaning
dishes and cooking dinner.
I don't like applying "ton" makeup, but I will
always will to look feminine and beautiful for my man.
I'm sure you're interested in knowing what I want
to find, and why I decided to write you this email?
The reason is simple. I want to find a man who
could be my friend and a guide in life.
And I must say that my intentions are serious and I
want to have a long-term perspective.
I want to find a man with whom I can build a
trusting relationship in which there is place for discussion and
I want to meet a simple, and open person who can
take me as I am. A person who can accept me with all my faults and
Who will respect me and without jealousy treat me
and my work.
By the way, I almost forgot to tell you my
profession is a chiropractor, and I work in my specialty more than 5
I hope that you have nothing against chiropractor:)
I am constantly trying to improve in my work, and get useful
Therefore, I often attend seminars in Ukraine and
I got a lot of good impressions from such seminars
and had the opportunity to get to know new people from other
I realized that the world is very diverse. The
mentality of people is very different.
But, unfortunately, in most cases men are just
looking for quick sex and are not set to have a serious
Perhaps this was the main reason for me to start
looking for life partner via the Internet.
It would be great if my interest in you was mutual
and we can continue to communicate.
I will be very pleased if you tell me about your
hobbies, whether you have bad habits and how you spend your free
I am sending you some of my photos and I will be
happy to see your photo in the reply email.
I wish you a good mood and a wonderful day. I hope
that your response will not take to wait too long. Best wishes,

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