Anna Abramova

Keeps changing as she gave 3-20 Karl Marx street Nizhny Novgorod but then it could change to an unknown village 15kms outside Nizhny
+7 (931) 205 -35-32
Modèle d'arnaque

Met Anna through dating website called international Cupid . Although she put on her profile she was from France. We entered into email letter correspondence with photos. She said she lived with her grandmother and worked in a jewelry store. All seemed to be fine until the decision was made to meet. She did not want me to fly to her but she wanted to come to me in UK. She told me she spent her money on visa and paperwork using a company called Nizhnitravel. But had run out of money to pay for the rest of the plane ticket.  If I paid the balance of around 480 euros upfront it would release the visa and secure the tickets . I contacted the agency and they said their online payment did not accept payment from overseas. So they wanted me to pay via western union to Anna Nazarova I supposed manager of the agency. after this there were many holes in Anna's story . She said she had no bank account. When you look into entry requirements it states that she had to go to visa centre in Moscow for ID and fingerprints. Plus they needed an address where sh would be staying at which she never had. The tourist agency isn't a visa centre and the paperwork they sais they carried out such as a medical is not simply required. When challenged Anna contradicted herself many times and eventually did not reply to my questions. They tried to make out that there was a deadline where I had to pay before Anna lost her money. Simply put once a visa has been applied for and has been approved you can then pay for the tickets. There is no deadline . I now think Anna Nazarova is an Alias or her real name in order to provide the ID for western union collection . 

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