Angelina Evgenievna Bogatyreva

Angelina Evgenievna
Country: Russia
Town: Novocheboksarsk
Street: Sovetskaya 20, apartment 12

Adress of the Banc:

Country: Russland
Town: Novocheboksarsk
Street: Vinokurova 78
: 429965
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To Open Visum I need 2.500 Euros


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My love. I really come to you. You are the love of my life. Darling, but was it point to come to me and money for a trip?? Darling, do you understand that I still need 2500 Euros to open a visa, or do you want to return to Germany without me??? Darling, I very much hope that you can borrow 2500 euros from friends, I open a visa and I can give you the money back immediately. Darling, I will not spend any money, I need this amount only for the opening hours of the visa. I love you and ask you, let's meet us. I will not lose you for 2500 euros. I cannot believe that this sum will stop us from being together forever. I very much hope that you can borrow this amount for a while. I've been trying to look for money, I can't find it. I love you and i love you all the time. I very much hope that we will see each other bald again. I kiss you! And I'm waiting for your letter. Your love Angelina.


Good evening my dear. you are everything for me in this life and you know it. I just want to live for you. You are my husband and I am ready to give my life for you!!! I love you so much. I went to the agency tomorrow to pick up my documents and buy a ticket, but what I heard in response, my heart almost stopped. I was so happy, I couldn't sleep at night because I knew I'd see you again soon, I'd be with you!!! Darling, the agency told me that the answer came via my visa, that it could not open me. Because I have to submit a bank statement or a document from a notary that I have a certain amount of money that I need to have me on a trip. Darling, I was told that if I fly to another country, it is necessary to have money for staying, such laws in Russia, but I did not know. I've never been to another country. I told the agency why you did not tell me before, you told me that a visa is normally opened and there is no problem. In my case, I fly to another country for the first time and must have an amount of EUR 2500. I don't know what to do! Darling, I have to find somewhere 2500 Euros and then I will get a visa immediately and I can come to you. I was told that the money would not be spent, you will only be needed for the formality to open a visa to me. I can only hope for you, if you help me, I can give you the money back at the airport when you meet me. Don't worry, the money will not be spent. I want to cry, I wanted to see you this week. My heart is hurting a lot now. I love you and wait for your letter. your love Angelina.


They fighting hard for every

They fighting hard for every Euro!!!

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Hello! This girl scammed me

Hello! This girl scammed me too, i am willing to travel to russia and take her to justice.

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