Anastasiya Korzhabina, scam dating russia

scam dating russia
Russia Novosibirskaya Oblast
Tatarsk, Kalinina 28
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Visa,Passport airline ticket scam.

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Hello David! How you carry out your weekend? I came to library today and did not see your letter. I wait for your letters with big impatience
really every day. It is possible that your letter did not reach. The administrator of library of the narration, that there were problems with the
Internet. I do not know what to think. Today at us was very good weather. On the street the sun shone and it became warmer. I walked several
hours on the city enjoyed weather. It is felt that there came the spring. In Russia the spring comes later, than in other countries. How is the
weather in your city? I hope that you well spent your time and you will be able to tell me about it. I will come to library tomorrow with hope to
see your letter. Anastasiya

David, with each our letter to each other we all become closer. I very much like that at us dialogue turns out. I am very glad to learn more
about you and your life! I very much hope, that this feeling is mutual. David, I really not absolutely understood your humour yesterday. Let's
not be about it any more. I will surely give your hello for my friends. Unfortunately I could not open your song. I do not know why. I like
various music. In each style there are songs which are pleasant to me. to what music you like to listen? David why you told nothing about your
friends? How names of your friends? It would be very interesting to me to learn as you spend time with them? I hope that you will be able to tell
about your friends in the following letter. also send me your photos. thanks for a picture rose. I already spoke you I the open person! I do not
love an innuendo in dialogue. I wish to tell to you about my last relations. To me this theme is not pleasant, but I think you should know about
it. David, I already spoke you in 2002, I have entered the institute. Then I was 17 years old. Then my friends already had boyfriends. Sometimes
they laughed over me because I never kissed. And I was 18 years old. I did not try to meet the guy, and thought that it very much early for me.
In institute every year we had ball. On these balls chose king and queen. I always was the ferial girl, and never tried to be the focus of
attention! I have been very surprised, when me have chosen queen. First I did not wish to go on a stage, but my friends have insisted on it. Then
sounded the name of the king of the ball, it was Kirill! We should dance. I remember, that I felt awkwardly because I never danced with the man.
I remember, that I have reddened and have escaped therefrom. After that I weigh evening cried in a room. It was very a shame to me. Viktoriya has
calmed me, we long with her talked! Then I have forgotten about this unsuccessful ball. Next day Kirill, has come to my group with flowers and
has invited to appointment, but I have given up to it. After that he long looked after me, and tried to achieve my attention. Then I was too
naive and have thought, that I have fallen in love with him! We have started to meet him, when I was 19 years old. First in our relations all was
good, we understood and about respect concerned to each other. But when we last year training, he has started to drink often, he shirked lessons.
In institute wished him to deduct. Then I have suggested him to correct a situation and began to help with study. Then I lived in a hostel with
friends. Kirill, often came to me to a room, and I helped it with study. And once having come to my room I have seen Kirill and my friend, her
called Kseniya! They were together in a bed. My heart has stood, to me was madly sick from seen. I have escaped therefrom! I did not wish to come
back more there and to see their faces. To me was sick to realize, that he spoke me about love, looking in eyes! To me it was sick that he has
exchanged me for my friend. I could not believe that Kseniya, could betray me. In fact we lived together five years, and I always tried to help
her with all. I never bore her malice. I long experienced from happened, I have moved to live in other room and avoided a meeting with Kirill and
Kseniya. Later week, I have gone home and have talked about this situation to mum. Then she has given me advice! She has told, that there was no
love and friendship. My mum has advised to forget this situation, and to continue to live further. I have made as my mum has told. But I have
solved, that my new relations will be only with the man who will be more senior than me! Because the senior the man knows as to address with the
woman. David, for me the most important in relations, is sincerity, honesty and confidence. David, these things also are important for you? What
exactly for you is important in relations? I shall understand if for you it was unpleasant to hear about it. But I want that you knew all about
me. I do not want, that between us there were secrets. I hope, that you with me agree. Your friend Anastasiya

Please beware of this scam.

Please beware of this scam. The Lady in the pictures is unaware of this scam. She is a victim of identity theft herself. The Individuals are using stolen pictures to perpetuate this scam. Here is the second profile of the same ladies pictures. Olga is the name of the second profile.   :


This scammer is using stolem

This scammer is using stolem picture to perpetuate this crime. The lady in the pictures is unaware of the identity theft. Here is the link to the other profile on this sitr with the different name of " Olga "



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