Alexandra Vladimirovna

Kazakhstan, Ulgi village, Lesnaya street, house 14, apartment 4, postal code: C34D4X6
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I read your letter and I want to tell you that we grilled pork at the barbecue. The meat turned out to be very tasty and tender. And as for my last night, it passed quietly. I came home, cooked dinner, took a bath and read a book before going to bed. That's how my last night went. But still, I have some good news. Today I talked to my boss and he gave me a salary and a bonus for a month. Now I have 310 euros. My salary is 230 euros. And my bonus is 80 euros, respectively. But still this amount is not enough for me to fully pay for my trip to you. I still need 942 euros. Unfortunately, I do not know what to do. I did everything I could to keep you and me together. But now I do not know where to look for money for me... Now only you can help me in this situation. I'm asking you to find an opportunity to help me. You're the only one who can help me. Without your help, our meeting will not take place. I am doing everything possible to make our meeting take place. I'm putting the maximum amount of effort so that you and I are together. I hope that you will also find an opportunity to help me. I'm sure you can find a way for us to be together. I'm asking you to think about how you and I can be together.
Now I'm finishing my letter and waiting for your reply tomorrow! I kiss and hug you! I Love You!
Your forever loving woman, Alexandra!