Alena Tupitsyna

Street Soyfera, 9,
Tula, Tulskaya oblast, Russia Postal Code 300041
+ 7 (929) 953-6183
Modèle d'arnaque

This person start off by suggesting direct contact by email as opposed using messaging apps such as Telegram, Whats App, or Skype or Zoom.

They appear to be selective and concerned with "wasting time" with senseless messages and generally will ignore requests or comments regarding the recipients previous experince's with online Romance Scams!!

From my experience, they move slowly and don't request any money. However, as time and emails become more frequent they take it to the next level appearing to be falling in love with the recepient and explain that their phone is "too old" to accomodate text messages and any attempts to send them an updated phone are denied as a fear that the Russian Authorities will search their mail and question them on how they came into possesion of the phone!

They move slowly, and eventually will profess their deepest love for you, ultimately suggesting or asking about a face to face meeting before inquiring about traveling to your country. Then they tell you that they have contacted a travel agency to make travel arrangements in which they need money sent due to the cost. They then comment about how humiliated they are for having to ask for help in an effort to get the victim to offer to send money for travel arrangments, explaning that they have never traveled outside of their country! Then it becomes even more involved as they tell you theres a problem with obtaining a tourist visa citing they need to provide "Proof of Solvency" to the Russian Authorities before the visa is issued!

They also will tell you that someone from the Visa Office will contact the victim to confirm the victims intentions and personal information such as name, telephone number, address etc.

Any detailed question about the visa process or details outside of the process are largely ignored stating that it's all been explained in previous emails to the victim.

Over the last several months that I've been in contact with the scammer, their emails have become very convincing and almost beleivable until you become very direct and request a more detailed or request a more definitive proof of their identity!

Their correspondence will match the tempo and outline of your replies! They also will have you believe theres a family members involved with this exchange and ultimately will have you communicating with another person by email who is the "sister" of the scammer!

Echantillons de ses messages

Hi my love! Thanks for your new letter! I was very pleased to read your new letter again! I am glad that you again have the opportunity to respond to my letter! I really miss you and your letters! I'm already starting to worry that you're angry with me because of the visa problems! I had great worries because of this. Thank you for being able to write to me again today and dispel my worries! You wrote that you went camping in a remote area where you had no internet! It’s great that you managed to spend a few days in nature, relax and put your thoughts in order! Such pleasant, quiet trips always help to lift your spirits and put your thoughts in order! Sometimes you need to be alone with nature and your thoughts! I'm sure this trip to nature was good for you!
%20 Yesterday I went to bed early and slept well! Sometimes I find it difficult to wake up in the morning! But today I woke up in a good mood and my day started off great! The weather is clear and sunny outside and the birds are singing outside the window! In the morning I prepared porridge, boiled some eggs and brewed coffee! I had a delicious healthy breakfast! I decided to have breakfast on the balcony and enjoy a wonderful morning. I hope that very soon we will be able to wake up together in the morning and cook a delicious breakfast! Every morning will start great with you!
%20 I wrote to you that my uncle agreed to take out a bank loan to help me with a visa! I have no news from my uncle yet! I hope that in the coming days his bank will approve his loan and I will be able to make a bank statement! As soon as I manage to get a visa, I can return this money back to him! I'll keep my fingers crossed and wait for news from my uncle! I no longer have any additional costs! My trip is already fully paid for! All that remains is to make a bank statement and then I can fly to you!
%20 I'm sorry that you still haven't been able to fully understand my visa situation! I will try to explain to you in more detail the situation with the visa and bank account statement. My visa has already been issued! I need to come to the visa center to undergo an interview, prove my solvency and get a visa! I need enough money in my bank account for just 1-2 days to make a statement and get my visa! Do you understand this? Therefore, if my uncle can lend me money, then I can make a bank statement and get a visa! When I get my visa, I can immediately return the money to my uncle! Uncle completely understood me, so he agreed to help me! He understands that I don't need to spend this money. That's why he agreed to lend me money for a few days! Now all that remains is to wait and hope that the bank will approve his loan!
%20 In previous letters, I already wrote to you that according to the law you cannot become my sponsor. Because you are not my relative or husband! You and I have never met in real life and the authorities know about it! They can't be 100% sure that you will take care of me! The authorities cannot be sure that you will be able to provide me with accommodation or food during my visit! That is why I need to prove to the authorities my solvency and show a bank statement!
%20 You wrote that you spoke with three different immigration lawyers, and they all strongly advised me not to send money to anyone! It would be very strange if lawyers advised you to send money to a stranger :). Of course, if I were them, I would say the same words! I understand that your friends are skeptical of me too! I'm not offended by their opinion! Because I always put myself in their place! I would also be skeptical about a Russian woman whom I have never seen in real life! Some of my friends also think I’m a crazy fool because I decided to look for a soul mate in the USA and am ready to fly to a stranger in another country! But I don't care about their opinion! Because they don’t know the depth of our feelings, they don’t know about our love, our dreams for the future! That's why they don't understand how much I love you and want to be near you! I know that the opinions of your friends and lawyers can greatly influence your mood and your opinion! We should not allow our relationships to deteriorate because of other people's bad words and opinions. I already wrote to you that I don’t need your money! I am doing everything possible to solve the visa problem myself and fly to you!
%20 Almost all my photos were taken by Maria. I wrote to you that my sister’s favorite hobby is photography! The selfies I sent you were taken with her camera. It is very inconvenient to take selfies using a camera. Therefore, you always have to take several shots to get a good photo! It's a pity that Maria has not yet responded to your last letter! Perhaps your letter ended up in the spam folder, so Maria did not notice your letter! I'll let her know what you wrote to her! I hope she can answer your letter this week!
%20 %20I think about you a lot every day, imagine our first meeting at the airport and imagine how our first days together will go! You are the only man who gives my heart excitement and trepidation. When I think about you, I feel that my feelings overwhelm me! Sometimes I can't find words to fully describe how I feel when I read your new letters and see your photos! I just want you to know how happy I am to have you in my life and I thank God for that. Thank you for the love and joy you bring to me! I know that we are destined to be together and no one will stop us from meeting! Your love is the best thing in my life and now I understand this especially clearly. Sometimes it seems to me that not only you, but everyone around you knows about this, because my feelings for you simply cannot be ignored. I hope that very soon we will be able to make all our dreams come true and we will be happy together! I wish you a good start to the new week! I will be waiting for your new letter. With love, Alena xxxxxxxxxxxx

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