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Hello!!! I shall tell a little about me directly;
My age 30
Years, Ekaterina my name.
I was not married, I live in an apartment of my parents.
I work some years as the teacher at school.
At leisure I go and I am engaged in aerobics to support the form.
I like to travel in the various countries, but
My work does not allow me to do it often. I have many friends,
We sometimes together spend time, we play billiards and bowling,
I send you pictures, I hope to you they it is pleasant.
Also I wish ask you you can to send me the pictures.
Ask the things interesting to you about me and tell to me
a little about you: what do you love? What your character?
In women you love what qualities? Whether you had the wife? I shall answer on
Your questions it is more about itself in the following Electronic letter!
I Shall be
To wait your letter.

Attention, arnaqueuse ! Elle

Attention, arnaqueuse ! Elle a essayé en vain de m'extorquer de l'argent pour visa et ticket d'avion !

Rencontrée sr eurorussian !


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