Anya,Anna Tenderly

Prénom/First name
Nom/Last name
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

Elle m as contacter sur meetic pour l instant elle m as rien demander mais je sens que ça va pas tarder

Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

Hello! Thanks you for your letter, me are pleasant that you have written to me!!! I waited and worried in expectation of your answer not much! I have not been assured that you will write to me. I hope to you my photos are pleasant and I actually interest you.
To begin with I want to tell shortly about myself:
My name: Anna. My friends me name tenderly Anya. My age of 28 years! Date of my birth on April, 21st 1984. My weight makes 52 kgs, and growth of 170 centimetres. My favourite colour green.
I am sorry for an error in my profile. I tried to put Russia in my profile, but the site did not accept my registration. And I have tried to put other country and my questionnaire has been immediately accepted. Probably it is what that an error of system of a site I cannot tell precisely. I hope, what for you it not a problem?
As you have already understood I live and I work in Russia. In the city of Yaroslavl. You heard about this city? The city of Yaroslavl in Russia very known city. Tell to me about your city. 
I live with my parents and the brother in small apartment. I was born in suburb of Yaroslavl, in small settlement it to be in 60 kilometres from Yaroslavl. This very beautiful settlement rich with the beautiful nature and fine places, now remains very few places with the beautiful nature. Unfortunately at us cut a lot of wood and by that ruin the nature.
I have arrived to the city of Yaroslavl after leaving school, for receipt in university, after the termination of university I have decided to remain, because it is very difficult to find any work in our small settlement.
I studied at the Yaroslavl state technical university. I have higher education. I have finished Automotive faculty, at this university I have studied English language, I freely speak English, I studied it at university, it was the first obligatory subject. The automotive Faculty lets out experts for work in the industrial complex connected with designing, manufacture and research of modern highly effective engines of vehicles, technical operation and car repairs, complex mechanisation of road building and cargo handling works. Unfortunately I do not work by a trade on which I was learnt, at us in Russia you are very heavy to get a job by a trade on which want to be arranged. I work as the seller of youth clothes, I accept my work I did not think of other work.
I love children and I find with children common language. Children listen to me, I am pleasant to children. But at me is not present and never was children! I want to have children but if you do not want will not have children for me it is a problem.
As I not when was not for the husband, now I one, I do not have my man. Two years ago I had serious relations with the Russian man, our relations have badly ended, but it in the past. After these relations I have decided not to trust any more to Russian men. I do not want to speak more on this theme. Now I want to try I will find the man with which is happy, on it I have begun search of the man on the Internet, my heart is opened for new relations!!!
I love sports, I am engaged in a gym, I like to watch the figure. I since the childhood love sports. Earlier I was engaged in many sports. From all sports especially to be pleasant to me the volleyball. As I visit a gym. You prefer what sport? You go in for sports?
I want to tell to you that I the sincere and open girl, for me the most important quality in the person am sincerity and honesty. I do not love vainglorious and haughty people. I love simplicity and when the person is by itself, does not try to hide behind a mask of the true qualities. I want to be with you frank and in the course of our dialogue I will be sincere with you. I hope also you will be frank with me!
I will finish the letter in hope of your answer! I wait for your letter Anna.

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