Aleksandra Ponomareva Maksimovna

Prénom/First name
Nom/Last name
Ponomareva Maksimovna
Gorkova street 3, apt 14
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

two months later she asked for money to come in Italy

Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

Dear, we are left with only
one chance. Do this insurance for 90 days. But I do not have much
money. Dear, I only hope you. I hope that you have at the moment a
 900 euro. And you can send them to me.

Sometimes embassy ask to show paper from work about salary and if this
not enough, they ask to show paper from bank account or cash money.
And called to the embassy and told them about this. They told me that
they have such requirement. And I should have about 3600 euro for 90
days. They advised me to have cash money 3600 euro or paper from bank
 account, that I have this money on account.

Dear I know that its big money and maybe you simply dont have it.
Because you are not rich person. But if its possible to sent this
 money to my account. It will solve this problem.

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