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Hello Eric.

I shall fairly tell, I hesitate to write letters a little. For me it for the first time when I try to find the man by means of the Internet. I do not know what exactly now to write. I shall write how I consider it necessary. I hope that our initial acquaintance will not stop on one letter. Because I sincerely hope, that my first step which I have made for acquaintance to you, is not simple so. I hope for it.

And so, from what to begin my first letter. To not write it is too much, and to not write too little)). To write so that you have a little learned about me. Also has solved, I that person who interests you, not because of beauty, namely because of a private world. I hope you understand me?

I shall tell to you fairly that you knew. I shall write to you that I think. I the rectilinear person. And I wish to apologize at once for the openness. Simply I am not able to deceive. In my family, the deceit was strictly punished. And as though I did not try, at me it will not turn out to deceive. It likely one of the best my qualities. How you think?

And so, I shall start to speak about myself a little. That you knew,

how my name is and where I live)). My present name Yuliya. My friends,and mine the best girlfriends name me Yulyasha or Yulinka).

At present I live in the city of Tyumen. Beautiful city, pure, and here it is pleasant to live. A minus only in one. It in cold winter. The temperature makes from-35 up to -40 in the winter. You can present yourself such temperature?) I think that not. The winter, sometimes spoils to me mood when in the street it is impossible to go, even in shop. Because the nose becomes red, as at Santa-Klaus))).

I was born on August, 14th, 1982. I not so old girl)). And not so young. For this reason, I would not like, to spend your time and my time, it is simple so. I would like to learn you as it is possible is better. And that you have learned me too as it is possible is better. Perhaps, we already have found each other. But it seems to me, that not because we still about each other do not know anything.

So what to tell to you that you have not fallen asleep)). I shall tell to you about the work.

I work in agency of the real estate. What do I do? I the adviser. On an example. You wish to buy to yourself an apartment, and call in our agency. We find to you an apartment, such what you wanted. We show you an apartment, and after you make a choice, to buy the given apartment, or not. Here my work. To me it is sometimes very boring, when there is no clients. And sometimes, I have not time to attempt at all, or to have a drink tea. Because it is a lot of clients. Here so I also work.

It would be interesting to me to learn, what work at you. And than you are engaged? If it not a secret.

Unfortunately I should to stop write this letter. Because it seems to me, that you have already fallen asleep). But I hope that it has not occured. Simply I need to make a heap of affairs of the house. For this reason, my letter will be continued tomorrow. If I shall receive your answer, to my letter.

I hope, that you will write to me, and we can learn each other even better.

I wish you good day, or good evening.


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