nataliya maslova

Prénom/First name
Nom/Last name
14 ampere street
Kryvyi rih
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern


Apres quelques lettres affirme qu'elle ne parles pas anglais et a besoin d'un support hebdomadaire. Puis tombe malade et à besoin de 350 euro pour sotie de l'hôpital.

N'a pas de telephone .

dispose d'une adresse  email uniquement dans un centre de traduction. (adresse basée à Kiev) 

Jamais joignable le week end .

Catastrophe son appartement est inondé. envoie des photos bidon ne correspondant pas aux dates....

Ensuite cavalerie habituelle passeport visa billet d'avion.

Beaucoup de lettres sont des copies collés d'autre lettres de scammer .

Par contre les photos semblent correspondre mais le cadrage très serré ne laisse percevoir aucun élément de contextualisation

Met beaucoup de pression pour obtenir de l'argent, 95% du courrier parle d'argent .

N'écrit jamais en russe malgré mes demandes . n'écrit jamais en français bien qu'elle dise prendre des cours intensifs.

Ne réponds jamais au question qu'on lui pose. Evite consciencieusement d'indiquer son lieu de travail ou autre élément qui permettrait de la situer.

Tout le discours est flou et ambigu.


Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages


Hello my dear Gerard!


Thank you very  much for your letter my darling! I was very happy to

hear from you I am sorry to know about your problems and I am really

sorry for not being able to answer you earlier but

I faced with a real catastrophe on Friday!!!!


But please don't worry about the visa!!!!I am getting it in the end

of this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So...back to my hell.I woke up as usual to start my day with water procedures... but.. they

started even earlier then I got to my bathroom!!! I could hardly

understand what's  going on when I put my legs down to the floor from

my bed a realized that they are in the water till my ankle!!!!!


My filter broke down  and watered all the apartment... and one more

downstairs... I spend all day long trying to get rid of it... without

water and electricity as they were switched off!!! Carrying out the

water with dustpan... without no one who could help me as it was a

working day and everyone was busy with their own stuff... lonely

scared, stressed and tired after all...


I was so afraid I spoiled the apartment under the one I am renting...

I would never pay off my debts....Still I have to pay to my owner for

the spoiled floor and carpets...thanks God I saved the furniture!!!!

Still she told  me I have to give her $600 till the end of the

month or I will just stay homeless.......


I don't know what to do...I  can't afford other apartment as I am

renting  mine for the low price being a good renter... moreover I will

have to pay  for a new one for a half a year at once as it is stated

here...and it will be $900 much more then I have to compensate!!!!!!!

Moreover I will be taken to the court and she will make me compensate

but if I will be taken there I will never get a visa!!!! I will never

have a chance to leave Ukraine!!!!!! Now when I am planning to leave

there to you it is a real catastrophe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And I can't loose it as I will have to move... to my parent's village.. I will loose my

job...and I will have to loose YOU my darling as there is no such

organization in the village which will assist me to stay in touch with

you!!!! And I don't want this life without you......


So this is it ..... this is how my weekends went!!!!


Hope you are safe and fine. I love you.



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