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Hello .......
Thanks for the email, I am really happy to read from you, you sound nice and cool to me , I have not been telling any one about myself ,
I am new to this and i need someone to trust in my life.

If you are looking for a generous, kind and emotionally secure woman,
then I may be your match. I am a confident and driven person who tries to enjoy life to the fullest.
I enjoy setting/reaching goals both personally and professionally. I have been described as multi-faceted and well rounded with many interests.
I enjoy staying fit and active . Most importantly, I am secure with who I am.
I try to always keep the work / personal balance in check. I have a sense of outdoor adventure and love to travel.
I enjoy taking in new cultures and seeing new places.

Laughter and great conversation are key for me. I do enjoy some independence, but love spending time with people close to me
I am very open minded about "the man of my dreams". Age, circumstances, distance are NOT important. You could be 45 or 70,
live next door or 3000 miles away, a waitress or a millionaire...it makes no difference... I will know you are the one when we meet. Hope reading back from you as soon as you can get back online to write..