polina komova

Modèle d'arnaque

commence par parler de prendre un visa etudiant puis demande de l'argent pour le visa et quand on refuse elle vends son manteau de fourrure pour payer le visa mais la douane lui demande d'avoir une certaine somme d'argent pour pouvoir subvenir a ses besoin en france ??

Echantillons de ses messages

Darling Stephane!
I missed you badly... Every day I think of you and our soon
meeting and dream how sweet it would be to be with you at last.
My sweetheart, I have news not really good one. I decided to go
to the tourist agency to check if everything is alright with
my papers. I have the visa and the ticket. But it is not enough.
Well, everything is fine with my papers but it appeared that
I would have to have some money crossing the board. I am so tired
from all this bureaucratic system. I am having a student visa and
everyone who leaves for anothercountry having a student visa should
have some cash crossing the board. So I will have to prove at the
customs that I have some money with me. Your country is afraid
of immigrants. And also Russian people are not really popular
all over the world and they will check me any way at the customs.
I have 100 USD but this is not enough. I should have more 300-400
USD with me leaving the country. Dear, please, send me 200-250 USD.
As soon as you meetme at the airport I will give you the money back.
Please, understand me and my situation. There is so much already
done, so much time and forces and money spent on all the stuff.
So, please, send me this money. And then everything will be already
done. You can send me money to any office of Western Union or
MoneyGram in Moscow. You know that I am still in Moscow and
I am already so tired from this city and want to leave it so much.
Honey, I need you and want to bewith you as soon as possible.
You are the ray of light in my life. I want this all to be over
soon and to get into your arms already. Hope you still feel the
same about me and want me as much as I want you.
I love you!!!!!
With tenderness.

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