Gulie Ernest

Sierra Leone West Africa
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Besoin qu'on lui paie son passeport, qu'on lui donne notre numéro de compte car elle a du fric à la pelle mais ne peut pas y toucher epuis son camp de réfugiés. Qui peut croire à de telles conneries? Ceux qui se font baiser le méritent peut-être tout compte fait.

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Hello Dear,

I see it as a nice pleasure, getting in touch with you. I feel so pleased to get in touch with you and seek your interest in a real love relationship or real friendship.

Once again, my name is Gulie Ernest, a citizen of Sierra Leone in West Africa. I am 25 years old; my birthday was 11th June 1987. I hold a certificate in general nursing; i am hoping to further my education in this career. I am never married and don't have children. I am a chocolate in complexion and of average height; my picks explains to you better.

I'm an extremely down-to-earth and confident girl, and not to mention, charming as people used to tell me. I value the many facets of life and love. I'm always sensitive to the environment that surrounds me and that includes finding happiness, peace, and of course loves and adoration. I love to laugh and smile with good friends. I enjoy going to dinner, movies, beaches, mostly all outdoor activities.  
I am a confident, well rounded, responsible, intelligent, and very hardworking mature girl. I like to spend time at home with a movies and snacks. I am easy to please, if you treat me with respect and honest. I was about enrolling to have a master's degree in nursing /midwifery before the death of my beloved father.

My late Father Dr. Paul Ernest was a wealthy business man in my country; he deals in gold and diamond in the western Darfur Sudan and in Sierra. He was poisoned to death by family relation due to his wealth, while my mother died in my tender age with pregnancy along with the unborn baby while delivering; my father took me so special because I am motherless.

After the burial of my father, my uncles conspired and sold my father’s properties to a Chinese Expatriate and lives nothing for me. Presently, I am residing in a Church refugees guest house here in Senegal where I ran to for safety because of the maltreatment I receive from my uncle. They intends to kill me since the unexpected death of my beloved Parents.

I do not want to see them again for the rest of my life, I wish to develop a long term lasting relationship with you if  you would possibly like it, as God will provide for me. I can be contacted by phone through the telephone of the church through the Reverend who provides moral rehabilitation to the inmates of this camp. His name is Rev. Father Joseph. Landreau, and their office phone is +221776204688.    
You can call this line by the week days from 9am to 4pm GMT, this is usually when the reverend would be in the church office for assisting people, and when you call please tell them, you want to speak to me, and they will send for me in the hostel of this camp.   
I would like you to tell me little more about yourself, i would like to know what interests you most and what you don't like, your interest in developing full and responsible and healthy relationship with me. I would also like to know if you are in a love relationship presently or something about your love history.

I will be very glad if you will take me to be a part of you, and i would like to develop a love relationship with you and i pray that we will be happy with each other, living together as God may have it, and raising our children happily together. I have just attached few of my pictures for you and i would like to see some of yours. I Hope to see some of your picks.

Bye and have a nice day as i hope to hear from you soon.
Please accept my best and warmest regards

With Lots of Love From

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