Mariya Chernowa 10-06-1977, Mariya Yurevna (Masha) Chernowa 10-06-1977, Ekaterina Konstantinova 05-12-1976, Ekaterina Konstiva 05-12-1977, Anna Ivanova 10-05-1977, Anna Ivanova Vyacheslavovna

Prénom/First name
Mariya Yurevna (Masha)
Nom/Last name
Ivanova Vyacheslavovna
Ivanova 10-05-1977
Konstiva 05-12-1977
Konstantinova 05-12-1976
Chernowa 10-06-1977
Chernowa 10-06-1977
Mariya Yurevna Chernowa - Gagarina Prospect 9 - Apartment 15 - Chrysostom – Zlatoust – Russia Гагарина проспект 9

Apartment 10 - ST. Sherbakova 5 - Code postal 456207 Zlatoust

Aleksandr Nazarov - Silver-tongued orator, Gagarin 1st line, 13, of. № 63 Zlatoust Russia phone number: +7(3513) 63-1464
Сладкоречивый оратор

+7964 8634038
+7(3513) 63-1464
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern


 Mariya Chernowa - Zlatoust
Russia (Mariya Yurevna Chernowa) wrote to me via Exactly ALL the same photographs as shown here, but more besides were

man in his right mind would not want wishing expressing his warm love inside this lady
each morning! She certainly had me going for a short while. She did manage
though getting me to send £200 to start her Visa Documents.

The money was sent
to the nearest Western Union to her: Chelyabinvestbank
Gagarina Yu A Prospekt 5 Liniya 3 Zlatoust.

Then I became very
suspicious after she then asked for  (€2700) for Visa Entry and Flight. So as you do, I kept
her on a string to gain as much information as possible.


names I have found are as follows:

Khristoforova Yakovlevna MARINA

Anna IvanovaVyacheslavovna [] Post Code
618601 Cherdyn ALINSKAY ST 3 FLAT 1

ekaterina konstantinova

mariya chernowa Zlatoust Russia

Kristina Sevruk

Tatyana <;num=1273341471 [Tatyana <]


So my Dear Mariya!

You wish being an attraction around
the globe, I trust this pleases you... All my Love (xx)


Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages


Her Last Letter  (29th June 2012) []

It is necessary to me 2700 euros,
you understand me?

Why you so arrive
with me?

I want to live with you for ever,
I love you very strongly and I want to be with you in the future and to
establish a family.

I love you very strongly and you
are necessary to me. Soon we will a number. I wait for a long time for our
meeting. I love you.

I look forward to hearing. Yours
for ever Mariya.



Friday, 15 June 2012, 07:43

My love XXXXXX

Yes. I live next to the Western Union office, he found close
to my home address [Chelyabinvestbank Gagarina Yu A Prospekt 5 Liniya 3 456016
Zlatoust] it is 5 minutes from my house, I'll go there with my mom to get of
your money to make it all the value and safety, ok?

I'm not going to spend a 1 euro, I promise you, that'll turn
it all by hand, I'll be careful with that sum of money.

I can order a taxi to go from the bank Western Union to my
house, and a taxi will cost 120 rubles,

What do you think? It would be safer to travel by taxi from
the bank to the house?

To get money from you, I will also use their Russian
passport, which operates in Russia, with the number of [55-10-397309], ok? You
must also specify that a passport, ok? And I can easily get money from you.

My father died a few years ago in a car accident, he worked
as a driver on a truck and he got into a big accident and died immediately at
the scene. I'm scared now, remember this story. I have tears immediately appear
on the face, because I very much loved my father.

I can send you pictures from the month of May; I have no new
photos today, ok?

yes yes, I see a positive future together ..

I waited and I look forward to this meeting.. I want to be
with you. I decided it ...

I chose you and you chose me ... My XXXXXX ... I want to be
with you. I love ...

I'm happy that I found you ...

I'm happy because at first I studied your character ... your
attitude to me .. your attitude to girls in general. and I'm not ready to lose
you ... what reason? :

(need only have 2700 euros up to my departure only! just so
I could get a visa stamp ....

I should have all the help. I must have proof of a good
income.. so I had to specify that I have at least 2700 euros in the bank, if I
have a 3 month visa ... my love ... do you understand me ... only need the
money before departure ...

I understand everything. I understand that you can not have
it.. but you can take it before the flight ...

I ask you .. I really miss you:

I woke up this morning .. and I thought .. because I could
wake up with you together today. I could wake up with you my heart .. I really
wanted it. and I thought a lot about this .............. I just stared at the
ceiling and I thought .. I love you .. I was waiting for this meeting for a
very long time ... 2 years ... 2 years of solitude.

I did not dare to start a relationship ... and I am happy
that now I'm ready to have it ..

I can not be lonely again ..... loneliness - it is a pain
... it is a loss, there is no purpose to live .. No positive emotions ... No
emotion at all ... I do not want to feel me like a plant again ... I fell in
love with you.

and I'm happy with you, Jean ....
the money went. I am going to Moscow. I'm flying to you ..

I will return all funds to a KISS, if you are going to worry
about ..

I'll give it to our embrace ... I stretch it to you
immediately, if you will think about it first ....

but I want to kiss you first .. I want to feel your kiss ...
my love ... I ask .. taste it to take all the efforts that we have been
together for tomorrow or the day after ...

I can not think that you would leave me ....  because we do not have any spending more ..

We paid for everything. Now there will be no waste ...

I'll give you all the money without any spending my love

tell me .. answer me soon ... I am very worried

Your forever Mariya.


First Letter

I am very glad that I am writing to you.
And I think that you also pay attention to me. It is so nice. I am 34 years, my
date of birth June 10, zodiac sign Twins. I was born and lived in Russia in the
city of Zlatoust in the west of the Chelyabinsk edge.
is a city located in 1750 km from the Russian capital of Moscow. And in what
city do you live?
Tell me about yourself? I am very interested to know everything about you. My
name is Mariya. When's your birthday?
You probably ask yourself why I registered on the website that I live in your
country.Yes, I want to tell you the truth at once, and do not want to deceive
you. Between us there should be a trust, you agree with me? I registered on
this site for your country, because she thought
that this site is only for residents of your country. You probably
misunderstood me, I'm from Russia?
You probably want to know where I can write and speak English?
When I was school I really liked the English language. I really enjoyed
studying the subject.
And you have a favorite subject? After school I went to university. And at the
university taught English.
But I have not had practice, so my writing will be a little unclear to you,
 I beg your pardon for my English. But I hope that you will be able to
understand the whole idea of my letters.
And where did you study? What is your profession? I live with the mother. Who
do you live?
I sent her a photo. I want you also sent me a photograph, so we can learn more
about each other.
What do you do in your spare time you? Do you love poetry? I really love
poetry, I even composed a poem, when I was in college. I love to play the
guitar well.
Do you know how to play a musical instrument? I asked this because I really
enjoy listening to music, especially in live performance, I think it's very
I am very romantic woman. That time is coming close, I must help my mother.
I hope you liked it. I will eagerly wait for your letter, I very much hope that
you will answer me.
Have a good day to you.
Your Mariya.



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