Elizaveta Soborova

Prénom/First name
Nom/Last name
rue K.Marksa, 15-4
007 987804 0635
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

Après quelques échanges de courrier, elle dit rentrer d'étude au Canada et doit chercher du travail, donc une rencontre rapide est souhaitée. Elle impose l'agence de voyage Victoria Tour. Cette agence fournit une facture de 780 euros pour le Visa Schegen, une assurance maladie, les billets d'avion et les frais de dossier.

Après le payement, Victoria Tour réclame 71 euros par jour pour la durée du séjour. L'agence refuse l'engagement de prise en charge préconisé par l'ambassade et met fin au contrat. Ils donnent le dividende de la somme, 230 euros à la demoiselle qui les conservent comme préjudice de la honte ressentie.

Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

Hello Eric,
You continue to sling mud at me till now and try to humiliate me... I thought, that for this time while I did not write to you, you have made though any conclusions... But I look, that all it without results. I up to the end was disappointed in you.
You do not represent, as now it is heavy to me to live with it. I cannot forgive to you for it, you have very deeply wounded my heart.
On Monday before a campaign in bank, I have made the decision that I will not send you money. This sum in 205 euro which to me have returned from agency I has spent on shoping. Thereby it will be indemnification for my moral compassion. You have allowed to conduct yourself in a similar way, have forced me to suffer and have humiliated me before my relatives and the agency personnel. In turn I want, that you have received on merits.
It is necessary to pay for the caused pain....

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