olena orehova

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demande à correspondre sur adresse mail privée et se fait exclure très vite ensuite du site de rencontre RussianCupid

adresses IP des messages situées en Suède ou aux Etats Unis.

Stoppe net toute correspondance lorsqu'on dit d'emblée qu'on n'enverra pas d'argent

Echantillons de ses messages

Hi there!))) I'm so glad to be writing to you today! I'm all excited, really! So, lets keep in touch!;-)

A couple of words about me, well I'm Alena, Alena Orehova. I live in Kovel, that is in Ukraine. 

If you are a serious man who is looking for a happy and long-term relationship, then our meeting is made on haven maybe!))) I'm caught by you and it'd be great to find out if we really look for the same things here. It's necessary to look in the same direction, agree?

I do really hope that we could suit each other perfectly!
Lets see!
Maybe it's our chance?


Hello, dear XXX,

I write you from work and I do not know what IP address is here or something. And to explain you about my profile, so it was deleted by site. I've registered here and men started to write to me. Of course, I was glad and started to reply them and you, it was pleasant that I got so much attention at first! But then site wrote to me that my profile was deleted because I am suspected in sending spam... 

I'll be waiting for your reply,
Have a nice day,

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