Prénom/First name
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

Messages bateaux qui mènent à une proposition de rencontre chez vous. Se renseignera pour les frais puis demandera de l'aider pour payer les formalités de passeport pour 300 dollars.

Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

XXX, I am glad to get the letter from you, we can
start writing to each other to know each other very good.
Let me tell you what  I love to do at my spare time. When I am free of  my  work
I like  visiting different new places,   meeting new people.
I like reading, I have read all the books I have at home and I go to the
library for reading and sometimes take books from my friends.
I have very “household’ hobby: cooking. I like to cook very  tasty dishes .
Sometimes when I have an inspiration I invent  dishes by myself. Sometimes
it is a success , sometimes – not. But to invent something new it’s necessary
to run a risk, isn’t it???
I live with my mother, i love her very much, unfortunately she is divorced with my father.
I have neither sisters nor brothers, but i have many cousins.
The only thing that  I miss now  is a man I would love and
I could press myself to his strong shoulder!
I like energetic people and would be pleased if my life’s companion would
be of this kind. We could make trips together and enjoy life and nature.
Oh, how I dream about it!
Tell me,XXX, do you like to visit the new places, towns,cities?
What do you enjoy to do when you have your spare time?
I will be waiting for your answer with impatience.

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