Elena Kacheeva

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City: Anapa, postal index 353440
Lermontova street house 118, apartment 20
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Good afternoon my prince Jans. My best man in the world. How your day? At you everything is all right? Than you were engaged? How your affairs?

Thanks for new photos of your family. Magnificent grandsons. =)) to me like. =)) yesterday I was again glad to speak on the phone with you. You like my voice?

How your health? I constantly worry about you. Strongly I miss on you. passed not enough time (some hours). But I already miss on you.

I do not know as me it to describe. But without I do not see meaning of the life. Without you I do not see my life.

In my heart and a shower not clear feeling is created. This feeling asks outside. Wishes to break off my breast and to fly to you.

My heart began to fight very often when I think of you Jans. I am constant about you I think.

Everywhere: on work, houses, in the bus, at sister, at parents when I go to a sport hall, in a dream you dream me. =))) constantly I think of you.

When I in the street I start to search for you among crowd of people. It seems to me, that you absolutely nearby. I feel your affinity when I read your letter.

Each your letter for me - as the polar lights!!! You know what is it? it, fiery dance in heavens. You can set in google: the polar lights also you will see thousand pictures.

It not to describe words. A nature miracle. You will look, be surprised and rejoice to this miracle of the nature. Also I look on my inbox and I see your letter.

My heart starts to knock strongly. I read your letter and it for me a miracle. You the true man. The real and the best. My prince Jans. I want to you.

I wish you to see and be with you. Present to me this our first meeting. It will be the real gift from the true man. From my prince.

Today I was on work and have asked holiday money. But the boss has told to me: "money at office now is not present. I can give money to you only after your holiday.

Now it is impossible. Excuse Elena"

It is the present shock for me. I planned our meeting. Thought, that I will be independent and to a smog to pay the trip to you. But at me it cannot be made.

To me it is insulting for itself. I never thought that I will ask from you the help in money. But I do not have other exit. It is very inconvenient to me to do it.

I always paid for myself. I have found a variant: I am possible I will borrow at you money for a trip to you??? I need 17700 roubles. It will be 440 euros.

Then I can receive documents and the visa. To a smog to arrive to you. We can spend time together.

Then after the termination of holiday I will receive money for work and all to you I will give. You will lose nothing. ok?

I hope, that you can correctly understand my situation and we can find a way out.

Now for us chance. Chance that will meet. I receive my holiday. I wish to spend with you this holiday. That we had our first meeting. We cannot miss the chance.

I hope, that you will agree with me.

My parents and sister Nataliya asked to send you huge regards and the best regards.

Billion gentle kisses and embrace for my prince. =)) your girl Elena.



le retour du colibri

le retour du colibri !!!!!






(sans sujet)


(sans sujet)


(sans sujet)






Mais c'est la fameuse Liana

Mais c'est la fameuse Liana Salikaeva !!!








the same letter I´ve got. I

the same letter I´ve got. I new her as Natalia from Novorossiysk



Great work scammer now call

Great work scammer now call herself Natalia


I got very similar e-mails

I got very similar e-mails from her! Including most of the pictures I can see over here.  But she used the name Alina Krivosh. I am very disappointed!

Michael Kerner

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