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Good afternoon my darling Jans. How you feel yourself? I hope, what at you all is excellent? What you dreams saw? Of what thought?

I have come after jog. I again ran. At our meeting I will have an excellent body. It is pleasant to you. I promise.

In the street still there is no sun. Rainy and cloudy weather. Now about 10 degrees of heat. In the afternoon too promise rains. From this thought my mood becomes even worse.

The first, that spoils to me mood: we not together. It does not give me rest. I cannot easy live, I can not sleep, I can not do anything. I think only of you. Because I am enamoured in you. I feel, that it is huge love to you. My heart wishes to be with you. All my body asks to you. My soul cries, because we not together.

I trust in you and your promises. I wish to trust in it. But you should understand, that I need to be convinced of your words. Because all my family ceases to trust me.

Jans, yesterday I again spoke with my mum and the daddy. Parents have again asked me when I will depart to you. I do not know what to answer. I do not know, because began to doubt our meeting. You promised me a meeting. But it is not present till now. Has occurred nothing. We have not moved from a place. I have not started to do documents. Absolutely any advancements. For my parents this serious basis to think, that I deceive all. Mum continues to doubt me. The daddy began to doubt that you love me. The daddy always achieved my mum. He did all in a life. He says, that the man should achieve the beloved. If the man does to be nothing with the woman, it means is not worthy to be with it. You understand me?

My father is a lot of for us wished to make. He wished to sell the lorry for the sake of ours with you meetings. My father in the right to speak such words. You agree?

All these words of parents influence me. Because it is my parents. They never gave to my bad advice. Always only cared of me. Mum and the daddy wish my only good luck and love. But at present they do not see your love to me.

Jans. I trust you. I trust in our meeting. But I ask you to show me the love. Show, that we will be together. Show, that I knowingly wait for our meeting. Give we will do my documents? You know, that money is for this purpose necessary. Cost of all documents together with a trip to the airport Moscow costs 420 euros. Help me with this sum of money now. That I have started to do documents. To show to my family that is fast ours with you a meeting will take place. You agree with me Jans?

I hope, that you will understand me and my situation.

Every day I think of you. I dream every day, as we with you will live together. You are necessary to me as air. You know, that without air no person can live. Even the strongest.

Always remember it. Your girl Veronika always thinks of you. On the brink of other planet Veronika waits for a meeting with you. I love you Jans.

I wish you successful day. That before you all doors have been opened.

Today I am going to go for the nature to have a rest all family. I will transfer from you greetings.

With huge love and billion kisses yours Veronika

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