Modèle d'arnaque

Se fait passer pour une habitante suisse sur le site Badoo, puis explique qu'elle c'est trompé et habite en russie depuis l'age de douze avec son père. Ensuite ben c'est tjs les mêmes mails de scammer habituel.

Echantillons de ses messages

Hello my new friend. I am very glad that you responded to my letter. I hope that we have common interests and we'll talk further. I decided to get acquainted through the Internet and for me it is a novelty.
Maybe you will wonder why I meet in the Internet. I am very modest woman. And very cautious about people. I can not always meet on the streets with a man. Perhaps it's comfortable. I very much hope that our communication with you will grow in friendship, because I'm lonely and I would love to find their destiny. While many say that their fate is not looking, and she finds a man and our future are not depends on our actions. Now I want to tell a little about yourself. I have never been married and have no children but would very much like to have them. I was born in March 28 I'm 25 years old, I worked as a salesman in a shop women's clothing. I really like my job. I would be very interested to know more about you and your life, I am very interested to hear about your city, traditions and holidays. What do you do in your spare time, what are your hobbies, what plans for the future? Why did you decide to get acquainted through the Internet? I hope you liked my letter. I'll look forward to the next letter

Hi,xxxx! I am glad to see your letter ..
I was very interested to know more about you. How you weather? Today I would like to tell you about their city. My city is called Cheboksary - it is not very quiet city. I was born in the city of Perm, and when I was 12 years old, we moved with his father in the city Cheboksary. Now I just stayed here. I'm very accustomed to this city.
You can see photos on the internet about my city. I think you will like it too, because there are living good and sympathetic people. In big cities like Moscow very many people and all, where ever in a hurry and hurry. Our city is living a quiet measured life and all live very amicably. I have a girlfriend. We love to walk together in the evenings and talk. We often talk about the future, because I think that at my age it's time to think about creating a family. Unfortunately I was unable to find love and a man with whom is ready to tie my life once and for all here in Cheboksary, as the majority of men in Russia drink a lot and a little work. They are not able to support a family and do not even try to have a family. For them, understanding family - a woman nearby, who cook, wash, clean the house, provides education to children and working. In Russia, men are not accustomed to reckon with in women, and this is very much frightens me, because until recently I believed that I would be very difficult to find his true love. For me, in the relationship is very important respect and equality, because if two people really love each other, each must try to do so to another, it was good to him. I really want to find a love, it's real happiness. And how do you imagine a family and love? As you can see these things. You older than me and I think you are wise in these things, because I appreciate a man of experience. I do not think that we have with you is a big difference in age, and vice versa I think that in a family man should be older than the woman, because in this age love has no any value. I very much hope that you pleased my letter. I'll wait for your answer.