ELizaweta Borodina

Prénom/First name
Nom/Last name
Vosstaniya 58-10
Schéma d'arnaque/Scam pattern

Typical. Falls in love with you after a short months oif emails

Echantillons de ses messages/Samples of her messages

Hello my friend Tom

I was delighted to receive your answer again.
every time I come to work, I'm glad to see your new letter.
Each of your letter I learn about you something new.
I'm glad that you write to me yourself, tell me about how you live.
Today I want to tell you about my work and my household these days.
workers in Russia are Monday-Friday (Saturday and Sunday all the rest).
I wake up in the morning 0600
I immediately wash my face and I enjoy working out at the gym.
then shower, and I am preparing my breakfast.
for breakfast I usually drink tea with lemon, no sugar and eat a light salad,
sometimes I eat eggs for breakfast. all that I spend an hour.
in 07:00, I am going to the bus stop to get a job in 0800.
in 08:00 my working day begins.
All sales representatives gather at the boss in the office and each employee receives a job for the day.
This is our general meeting where we make up a work plan for the day.
at 09:00 am I start my work.
I go to certain stores and introduce our products. I collect applications and orders from shops.
to whom and how much to our products. in your country there are workers like me?
12.00 - 14.00 I have lunch.
I eat in a small dining room next to my work.
Sometimes at this time I am writing to you, but sometimes I am writing to you in the morning or evening.
I continue to 14.00-16.00 for clients of private enterprise in my office.
at 16.00, I begin to prepare for the counting time spent.
I then hand over a sheet of orders to the warehouse so that they all orders delivered to the shops.
17.00 in my work day ends and I go home.
On the way back I go to shop and buy food to cook supper.
but 2 times a week (Tuesday and Thursday) after work, I visit the ice palace, or a fitness club.
I do light exercise. and thus maintain their shape.
I love to watch different movies mostly comedy, news, entertainment TV programs.
and at 22:00 I go to bed.
on weekends I like going out with friends in the park.
Now back in the snow park. Trees covered with snow. I really like.
when bad weather and on weekends I sit home and watch TV.
I go out into the street just to shop for buying products.
I'm interested to know about your operation.

Your friend Elizawera.

She falls in love with you

She falls in love with you after a short session of emails. She buys a ticket to come visit you...with her own money. But then when she tries to leave she's stuck with a $1200 amount she needs to carry in order to travel. She hopes you will help her as she can return the money as soon as she arrives at your airport. Yeah..Good Luck!


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