NOVIKOVA LYUDMILA GENNADIEVNA, Marina Kakovkina, Alsu Bekmansurova, Ludachka


Marina Kakovkina
Country, City: Russie, Saratov
Address: st.Cheluskincev 18-17
Telephone: +7 937 936 4986

Alsu Bekmansurova
Date of Birth: 04 February 1982
Address: Maximov 3-15 428000 Cheboksary
Modèle d'arnaque

She is very smart woman or man. She will take her time to establish trust. She will ask money for visa and ticket. She will also ask you to send money to her sister Anna Korotkova via Moneygram or Western Union. She will keep calling you using different numbers, when you try to call her back she will never answer your call.  She uses various names and email addresses to communicate with men. Beware of this woman or man.

Echantillons de ses messages



I am very glad that you answer me. I only just get your message.

My name is Lyudmila. But I more like name Lyuda.

My girlfriends usually name me Lyuda. How usually your friends name you?

I should tell you my English is not good. I use online translator

You can to use it too?

I am original from Russia from city Saratov.

To me is 27 years.

You knew where is Saratov? You can to find it on map.

I can to help you to find my city.

I am not sure with what to start what yet you would like to know of me.

Please ask me. ok? 

It will help me to tell of myself.

Here is my newest pics. I will send you more my pics in next letter.

I would like to see your pics too.

You have any new pics?

I would love to know what relations you search on site.

You write to many women there?

I will wait your letter. My kisses to you :-)




How are you today? :-) I am glad to see your letter.

Now I send you more my pics.

I live in city Saratov 

It is in 850 km from Moscow to southeast.

You can to see it on map I send you it with my pics.

My birthday is 22 May. Now to me 27 years.

On horoscope I am gemini :-) 

Who you on a horoscope? 

I was married in the past and I am divorced now already more year.

My ex husband cheat me with other woman. 

I have not any kids.

I live alone in small apartment in centre of city.

I like sport but I have not time now for regular visitings any center of fitness.

Because I should work much. I work in shop as seller adviser. 

My height is 168 sm, weigh is 56 kg.

I am blonde.

I have blue eyes.

I do not knew what yet to me tell you of myself.

Please ask me. I will answer, ok?

I want to find your city Richmond on map but I am not sure where I need to look it.

You can write me where I need to search it? 

I will look your city on map. Please tell me of place where you live. 

You have any pics of your city?

I shall wait your answer. I kiss you on pic :-)




Yes I like your letter on russian. You used online translator of google as I?

I kiss you :-)

I already searched your city on map. It was curiously to me to see where you live.

Larisa helped me to find your city Richmond.

I would love to see more pics of place where you live.

You have any pics of your house?

In my 27 years I could not feel happiness.

In 24 years I have married but it's a marriage was not such happy.

In last year we have divorced because he cheat me with other woman.

They worked together on work but I found them on our bed.

I could not forgive it and we divorced.

Most of all in a life I can not now to suffer a deceit and treachery.

In last spring I corresponded already with the man from Germany, his name Peter, he was from Berlin.

For this reason I have email address Germany. I save my old email and not did new email.

Our correspondence developed promptly.

In summer we have decided to meet.

Our meeting was planned for the end of September.

But it did not happen because he has renewed relations with former girlfriend.

It was very hard time for me.

About one week I had depression.

But I could find in myself forces and start to search for new relations.

It's lonely to be single, to back home after work where nobody wait you.

You need to cook supper only for myself.

Now I live alone in a small apartment in city centre.

I want to meet nice man with beautiful heart who will true husband to me.

In whom I shall can be sure that he never will betray me.

It's only my dream, I hope that it becomes soon a reality.

What dream you have?

Please tell me of your dream.

I have yet one question to you.

Please be honest with me when you will answer on this question.

Why men cheat wives? 

Are you capable to love all life only one woman?

I shall wait your answer with impatience.

My kisses to you.




Please forgive me that I could not to answer you earlier. I was with mum in village.

I asked Larisa to write you of it. To warn you that I will away in village at mum.

You get message from Larisa?

I can to give you the number of my girlfriend Irina it +7 962 588 2849.

You can to call me on this number. 

But Irina do not speak on English. If you will call on her phone she will not understand you. 

I can to call you from Irina in morning in 9-10 am russian time.

This time is ok for you?

What is your phone number? Please give me your number that I also could to call you.

I so wait for your warm letters.

I want to tell that I can not without you any more, your letters.

You - a part of my life now, a source of my pleasure, your occurrence - the best, that could happen in my lonely life.

Your letters give me huge happiness and pleasure, I speak these words with sincere care and respect for you.

I have come to conclusion that we are created each other my loved!

The last night I badly slept, I could not fall asleep because all the night long thought of you.

Yes, I love you, my most dear.

It has taken place so suddenly, it's so sensual for me.

I feel to you the greatest feeling is my love and trust to you.

When I speak that I love you, I understand the big sense as these words!

I do not want to run and shout about it as the blind and naive girl.

I want to tell that to speak about love on 100  is possible only after our meeting.

It's necessary for us to meet loved.

I think that only after some time spend together we will be ready to accept responsible steps in our life!

I do not want that you were frightened with my revelation.

I think that you will understand everything that I have told to you.

I hope that you can name me the love.

I understand that this unusual feeling which at me in heart, any more does not give me rest.

You are shocked by my words?

From your letters I see that we are not indifferent each other.

I hope that you feel to me the same deep feelings!

The last night I thanked the God that we have found each other.

It seems to me that even the God is favourable to our relations.

I hope that we can be soon together, to create family.

The most part of my girlfriends have celebrated wedding already for a long time and

constantly ask me why I can not find the person with whom we will celebrate wedding.

I could not answer this question, but always spoke that I very much want it.

But now in my life you have appeared and I feel to you the big love!

I would love to stay with you in America.

What you think of it?

Please tell me of your dream!!!! I did for you my new pics.

I hope you will love them.

I kiss you.

With Love Lyudmila



How are you today? I dream wake up in morning and to see you beside me to be in your warm embrace.

To kiss you in lips.

Why you want to meet in Europe? I think it will better if I will come to you in Richmond.

Because I want to meet your relatives and friends.

I have learned the information which will help us with our future life.

I have found time to go in travel agency.

I talked to operator there and she has explained all to me!

She has told to me at once that it will be enough difficult process a quickly to get visa.

There are some types of visas.

She has told to me if to make all correctly that we can meet very soon!

The visa can be ready in week after when I shall give all necessary documents to her!

I am very glad to such small terms.

I will need to go to Moscow to get visa there!

I shall go in your country under the tourist visa, it will be convenient for me.

I thank destiny for an opportunity of our fast meeting!

This visa will cost for me approximately 150 euro.

Various taxes will be included in cost of the visa.

I already have passport for travel.

She also has explained that it's necessary the information on a state of health.

I think that I am healthy woman.

I have passed medical survey and to me have told that I am healthy!

In any case I should pass medical survey at embassy of your country.

It will cost for me more 50 euro.

Still I should pass questionnaire.

Registration of all my data and filling of the questionnaire will demand 75 euro.

As you already see it's necessary to make many things to arrive to your country.

I expected it, I knew that it will not be simple to visit you.

I should tell that I am ready on much for the sake of our meeting.

I shall overcome all difficulties which will arise before me in Moscow.

I also thought of my residing at Moscow.

To me will be necessary to live in Moscow some time while my documents will not be ready.

My loved XXXX I do not know exact terms of registration of all my documents.

It's approximately a little more week!

To me 5 or 6 days is necessary to live in Moscow approximately!

Unfortunately it will demand additional expenses!

I think that my trip will demand many money.

We should take it into consideration.

I already completely ready to go to Moscow.

And to begin registration of the visa.

If between us all will be good, I would like to change my visa and to stay with you for ever!

What do you think of it?

My XXXX now let me to sum up my charges for our meeting.

My documents will cost approximately 275 euro.

My trip to Moscow will demand 70 or 80 euro if I shall go by train.

It about 850 kilometers in one side.

Still it will be necessary to me of money for residing.

If really to estimate my opportunities, I can find only a part of money to pay for documents and residing!

My mum knows about all charges and has told that can give me 200 euro.

I shall receive 120 euro on work.

It already 320 euro for our meeting. It is already big sum.

My XXXX without your help I can not arrive to you.

If to count cost of residing and cost of all documents and charges on travel up to Moscow and in Moscow,

I think that by the most minimal calculations it's required to me approximately 750 euro.

It's many money for me!

I am sure that it's many money for you too.

But it's the obvious and real prices and we should pay it.

I want that we have divided charges on my trip.

I want to tell at once to you that it's inconvenient to me to speak with you about money,

especially to ask them you, but I am compelled it to make!

I think that it will be fair if we will divide charges on documents and other charges.

I want to ask you that you have sent 450 euro.

I have account in bank. You can to send it on my bank account?

I will give you info my account.

I assume that there can be unplanned charges, but they will not be very big.

If you can send me 500 euro it will enough to me.

I certainly promise you that I shall save!

I can to consider money and to save them.

The life in Russia has learned me that 500 euro is the big money.

My dear XXXX you will help me with it?

I shall try to save a little money to my residing.

I shall be compelled to live in hotel in Moscow because I have no other place to live there!

I am strong woman and I shall find in myself forces to overcome all difficulties for our happiness.

I hope that the monetary problem will not prevent our meeting!

Please excuse me that I ask you about the help, it seems to me fairly.

Only please promise me to keep in safety info my bank account because it's my personal info. ok?

You promise me?

I shall be one of the happiest women in the world when we will meet!

I want to arrive to you and to live with you!

I think that you understand necessity of our meeting.

I spoke with my director and I will have holiday to visit you.

When we will meet both of us will not regret for the spent money, in fact we will be beside!!

There are things which is much more important than money, it's love and family!

And we should not forget about it.

On it I finish the letter.

I shall wait from you for good news.

Please help me to pay it. I will come to you as soon as I will get visa.

I think of you. I miss you

I will call you from phone Irina in friday in morning. ok?


With Love Lyudmila



I miss you too! I very much wait our meet when we will together.

You and I.

I want to take care of you as of my husband.

I want to love!!! and be loved!!!!!

In really I do not like any holiday. I try more to work.

Because in any holiday the loneliness becomes stronger :-((

You feel it too?

Now I meet you and I am happy!!!! I think of you all my time!!!

I so want to start new life with you!

Now I write you and I have tear on eyes. It shame me to ask you of help.

What sum you can to send me?

You can to give me 600 dollars? It should enough to me that to pay for apartment and buy food.

I already has taken info of my account in bank.

It should be full info for sending money on my account. Please keep it in safety. ok?

In bank me asked to not give info my account to people unfamiliar to me.

Only whom I know personally.

I give you detail my bank account. Here my full name, number account and bank address.


Beneficiary Bank: UniCredit Bank, Moscow, Russia



Account number according to the Bank’s account chart: 40817840300454062906

Currency: USD








Please write me if you will need any additional info of my bank account. ok?

I will give it.

In my bank to me tell that it should be full info for sending money.

You promise me always to love me? To love only me? Please tell me that you will.

I so want to hear it.

Last days I at all have no dream. I have excitement before our meeting.

You have this excitement too?

When I am in bed I embrace my pillow and I think of you. I so want that you was beside me now.

It most happy feeling when you knew that you are loved.

I want to stay with you forever. I want be true wife for you that you could be proud of me.

I want it much.

I will wait your letter. Please answer me soon.



With Love  Lyudmila




I will never allow to myself to hurt you!!!!! Because I love you so much!!!!

Please do not hurt me too.

Because I had it in past I will true wife for you and will love you forever!

I love you more life!!!!

I want be with you. I sent my documents in Embassy that to save money on road to Moscow.

I sent it by postal parcel.

You are angry on me? I wanted to do for you pleasant surprise.

But I feel in letter you completely not glad to this.

Why? :-(

I ask you to send money on name sister because she will come to me on weekend.

Full name is Anna Korotkova. We have different father.

City Saratov.

Please try to send it today. Because I tell Larisa that will pay back to her money today.

Please do not be angry on me :-(

I need you in my life!


We will together!!!!! FOREVER!!!! YES?

With Love  Lyudmila




How are you today? I always feel a lot of pleasures and happiness inside my heart when I read your letter.

They give me very much warm and help to feel you during several minutes.

Please do not be sad that I can not to write you every day.

You know I need work much.

I not always can to come to Larisa that to write you.

When I have met you I has changed.

You have opened the new world for me, world of LOVE.

Now I wake up in the morning with a smile on my person, because I know that I am not alone.

In this large world is the man, who thinks of me.

I want to tell you a THANKS.

With you I feel myself by the woman, which wants to be happy to love.

I have lost the hope on happiness, seeing the rough russian men.

When I have met you you have given me hope for happiness.

I am very happy that you do not leave me and estimate our correspondence.

You are present man which is not afraid of problems, which can take care.

I like it in you.

I has sent you messages on phone today. You get my messages?

Please write me when you will get my letter.

I already get the inquiry from Embassy. I need to show the statement of my bank account.

That I have enough money for travel in your country.

I need to have money on tickets and residing in your country.

I need to have minimal sum 2000 dollars. Because it should be enough that to pay for tickets and room in hotel.

I will need to send document from bank to Embassy that I have enough money for travel.

It shame me to ask you.

You can to send me 2000 dollars on bank account?

I will give you info my account.

I will get document in bank that I have this amount on bank account and will send this document to Embassy.

Only then I will get my visa for travel to you. Me asked to show this document from bank.

Please help me to get document in bank. I need to send it in Embassy on this week.

If I will not send document, I will get refusal in getting of visa.

Next time I can submit the application for reception of the visa only in 6 months. I do not want it :-(

Please send me 2000 dollars on my account in bank.

It very important for me that I could to get visa. When I get visa I will buy tickets that fly to you.

I want to come to you in december on Christmas.

What you think of meet in Christmas?

I looked tickets on 20 december from Moscow to Richmond International airport. With 2 stop in Frankfurt, and in Newark.

It will cost me 1374 dollars.

You will can to meet me in Richmond International airport?

I will true wife for you! I think of you my Love.

I miss you :-(

With Love  Lyudmila


I miss you XXXX. Please answer me soon.

I want to come to you in december to Christmas. You will can to meet me in Richmond International airport?

My visa is approved.

I only need to get document in bank of cash on my bank account. I need to show that I have enough money on travel.

I need to send this document to Embassy.

Please help me to get this document.

I want to come to you  and to start new life with you.

I will true wife for you.


Please write to me when you will get my letter. Because I will wait your answer.

I kiss you.

With Love Lyudmila



Can to send me 2000 dollars on bank account?

I need to have it that to get document in bank.

I need to send it in Embassy.

It only on 1-2 days.

1374 dollars I will take on tickets. Other 600 dollars I will pay back you on bank account.

Here is info my bank account.


Beneficiary Bank: UniCredit Bank, Moscow, Russia



Account number according to the Bank’s account chart: 40817840300454062906

Currency: USD







With Love Lyudmila



My Love XXXX.

I sent you txt message earlier. It come to you with delay because in 3 am I already slept.

It 11.30 pm at me now.

And I gather to go sleep. I yet not get my passport.

Please send it on name Anna. ok?


Please do not be angry on me I ask you to help only in this month.

In end of december I will get my first salary.

I will have own money that to pay for apartment to bank and on food.

I will true wife for you.

I want to start new life with you. I want fly to you because here ex husband will not give me the life.

He will try do any troubles.

He know that we gather to marry with you.

He ask me pardon. I tell to him of you that now you are my future husband!

I do not want to back to ex husband.

I decided it!

I will not back to old life.

I meet you in my life and I am happy.

I feel your love and care of me. It do me happy.


Please never be jealous me. ok? I love you only YOU!

With Love  Lyudmila



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