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Carlos, my angel, my far prince, mine Macho - as you could???????? My first word and the first emotion - WHHHATTTT??????? WHAT YOU SAY
Honey, you mean concerned our relations with such irony??? At me now heart is broken off, the head and a foot from a pain is broken off
= (((you have understood nothing, you have learnt nothing and you name me the selling prostitute???
I to you unless allowed an occasion to doubt me???? You do not represent that I have gone through for these 2 days.... And me so painfully to see that you
To me you speak... For me as an additional knife in a back...
On Sunday I have collected all bags, thought to go to bank - to pay all - then at once to take away documents and to go to the airport... I have bought
To mum big Rastaman is to me and to it would remember you... But I could not reach bank of 400 metres. And you know why???
Carlos - only do not speak that I am guilty... I took from the girlfriend phone - to call when I will be in the airport... But has decided to call
At once... Wished to tell that almost all is ready...
But dear Carlos why took phone what that the extraneous person??? Why you did not wish to speak with me??? I called and on second phone
- BUT YOU THERE TOO DID NOT TAKE a tube... I have been very puzzled...
I have started to worry - as it so? I should you inform - and the extraneous person approaches to phone???? I called you, I
Has explained that it Elvira - but phone have then disconnected... honey - that it was???
What occurs??? You likely on the cell nomer should see the passed calls... Or ask the uncle - your uncle can took
Simply during that moment when I called, and you ignored my calls - I was lost... I was frightened... I have not understood as it has appeared on
To the road middle. Here then I remember very badly... I remember squeal of brakes, a signal sound... And then only hospital... = ((
I have lain 1,5 days with a trauma of a head and a foot dislocation... Today 5 hours have brought home back - but only now I have woken up... = (
honey, to me have told as all has occurred: when I went, I called and did not notice anything... I really thought only of you, and
Why you do not speak with me... I have forgotten that here slippery and a lot of snow, and that that I on road... I simply convulsively pressed buttons
Phone also was very malicious... I could not present - that you there did??? = (((why you did not take phone in hands??? I after all could
Normally to reach... But understand - I was not adequate for a rage and insult = ((and then the car has driven into me... = (
Eyewitnesses have told, that have run out 2-3 man - they at first wished to help me... But then they have simply left...
When in hospital I have regained consciousness - I was pulled at once to a bag... But there there was no already money... You present - almost 9 thousand euro have stolen...
= (
I do not know who have stolen... maybe passers-by, maybe the driver maybe who that of the medical personnel... But me have told - the bag laid in
To other party... And documents - absolutely in other party...
I was glad that my visa and my other documents were not necessary for them... But here money - all is lost now = (((
Now I cannot logically think, I do not know what to tell... I even write the letter - and in a head a fog. I think itself you will understand what hardly
Hardly the head is not perfectly in order...
honey, to me it is now insulting... At first insult for your words - you have written so much dirt to me... ohhhhh as I cried... I could not
To calm down and it is now difficult... The second insult - why you could not take phone??? = (((there would be all ok... You after all know as I value
You as it is important to me to be with you as to me it is important that you were soul and a body were with me... I want that divided with me pleasure and a grief...
Here I wished to share with you pleasure - but all has turned out on the contrary = (((
I do not know now that you will tell... But after yours 14 letters - I have understood, that that you spoke all: all it was doubt... Doubt in
To you and your heart... But how so???? I after all from all soul, with sincere heart...
Even now - I thought more likely to arrive home, I wished to speak at once with you, all to tell. To me have told still should stay week
On hospital treatment... But I have started to shout and swear - after that they have told. It - healthy... Only after my shouts.
I after all thought only of you, to explain all more likely... After all I should be informed at once policia, at once to postpone in agency mine
I try, try that you did not have an insult... And here at me 2 insults are = (((though can at you as there are reasons -
But nevertheless... Things have happened = (((
My kid, I would look that you to me have told - if it has occurred to you. Carlos - and still the head very strongly is ill me...
Also do not speak to me so - "I wish cheerful and good Chrismas" you after all know - without you and without 3 desires - me any holidays not
Are necessary... By such words you do only painfully... Even more painfully... I ask you - understand my situation... Only try... I do not want
To pour it is even more tears... Only you are necessary to me...
I all think of your mother... I remember - I remember that you the elder son, and that they wait for grandsons... I will make the promise, I will execute that
Has told... Only give me hardly rest... Let my face becomes again beautiful... I do not wish to be as Amy Winehouse - because my person
Still similar on Amy... = (to me it would be a shame - if I have arrived to you such ugly creature = (((
Nevertheless - in the end I will tell... I all the same will understand all your reactions... I remember last morning - but I after all have understood you... I and now will understand...
I wait for yours the answer... I now will lay down to sleep - I think in some hours I will rise...
Elvira Ribeiro...

elle se dit medecin.......se

elle se dit medecin.......se fait presenter par une pseudo association qui unit les gens honnets , mais quand on demande comment cett assoce a eu mes coordonées : pas de reponse .

de Saint Ceran

attention ecros de premiére

attention ecros de premiére !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

capozza patrice

une des pires , je l'ai

une des pires , je l'ai rencontré sur TAGGED


une ordure absolue

une ordure absolue


En fait moi je me suis fais

En fait moi je me suis fais grave arnaqué par se reseau car c'est un reseau qui se sert de ses photos , elle c'est Julia Konovalova une célébrité russe qui travaille pour les médias. Des messages j'en ai des centaines , et plein de photos . c'est vraiment à vomir .


désolé de vous décevoir, mais

désolé de vous décevoir, mais les 2 mails ne répondent pas : inexistants ...

dommage, j'aaurais voulu me frotter à cette nymphe et lui arracher quelques photos.



elle ce dit medcin chirugien

elle ce dit medcin chirugien mais elle a un notre nom maintenent elena waskina  habite kirov voila sont email elenabva@kgmail.ru je me dute fort d elle quad jai demende sont skyps elle ma rependu qu il n y a pas de skyps en russie j ai demende a un  amie russe sil ya du skyps en russie i ma confime qu il ya elle ma envyer une 20 de photo apres elle ma demende de l argent pur venir chez moi  et prix du billet ete tres elve tu peut faire le tour du monde avecRigolant

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