Gulia Bikmuhametova

Ul Azina
Apartment 15
Izhevsk 426010
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I necessarily will go right now to bank and I will receive your help my darling Iain. I have written down all and have kept. If I am not mistaken, you have sent me 320 pounds? I hope that it so. I soon necessarily will arrive my darling and about all I will write. I need to hurry up to receive the visa. I love you my darling. Your favourite Gulia


Hello my favourite Iain. I read your letter now and I cry. Forgive me. I could receive your help and went to the visa centre, to learn about all and to receive the visa. I showed trevel the check for the sum of 1260 pounds. I was very glad. But when to me have told, that at me the visa for 90 days I should show trevel the check well the sum 2520. I could not understand last time when to me spoke about the visa. I thought that I should show 1260 pounds. And there was all on the contrary. Forgive me the darling Iain. Forgive me. To me it is very sick. But is the most sick, that tomorrow who will not work, till January, 10th. You understand? Even the cafe Internet will be closed till January, 10th on holidays. I sit and now to crying favourite mine. What not to do? To me very painfully favourite mine. To me it is sick in we wash heart. And me now very terribly favourite mine. From that that tomorrow I cannot terribly answer you. If only I try to search for a way to call to you. My darling Iain, please do not worry. Your money is at me. And I have changed them on trevel the check and it is safe. But the most important thing, what to me to do? I do not know my darling. What to do to me now? I very much am afraid favourite mine. I am afraid to lose you. I very much hope that you will necessarily write to soon me. I will wait your letter. I cry. Your favourite Yulia

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