Nadezhda Harcheykina

Arzhakova str 12,apartment 50,
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Hi my love Pablito!!!

I am glad to receive your letter and very happy that soon we will be
together. Thank you very much, that you support me in these difficult
moments and not turn away from me.

Today I was again in the travel agency to find out how you can make a
money transfer for the Payment of my documents. Travel agent informed
me that they do not accept bank payment from the frequent parties.
They do so only for persons traveling teams, so the money for the
documents I have to pay in cash. Travel agent advised me to contact
the bank to find out more information about how you can make money
transfer to my name: went to the bank where they told me that the best
option is a money transfer system of remittances Western Union. This
is a very fast and reliable system. I was told that this system is ten
times better, the bank transfer. I should not create the account and
wait a long time, receiving the money. As soon as you send it to me
the money, the same day I will be able to receive them. Moreover, this
system transfers now have in any bank. Western Union is the fastest
and reliable system of remittances in the world! My dear Pablito, for
Western Union's money do you need my personal details. Once you do me
a transfer of money, you'll have to call me your personal data that
you have filled in form. Also I need, money transfer control number,
which is briefly MTCN. Then I can collect the money.

I want to make our meeting as clearly as possible and cheerful. I want
as quickly as possible to meet with you, because you are my whole
life! After all, I just can not live without you, my love. As soon as
I receive the money, I immediately begin processing my documents.
After that, very soon we will be next to each other Pablito. I love
you very much Pablito, you are my sunshine among the clouds. You're
my whole life! I give you my details.

My personal data:
Name - Nadezhda,
Surname - Harcheykina,
Street - Arzhakova str 12,apartment 50,
Postal code - 678200,
City - Vilyuysk,
Country - Russia.

I look forward to your good news, my love! 

Please answer me as soon as you will have an opportunity. Million
kisses for you. I await your response as soon as possible. Your
forever Nadezhda.

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