Alena Boscoba

Mira 24-17
Modèle d'arnaque

Vous charme avec sa beauté et en plus pour gagner votre confiance

elle va jusqua prendre une photo avec mon nom écrit sur une feuille qu'elle tient dans ses mains.

elle existe vraiment en plus la bitch.

Echantillons de ses messages

Hello my new friend!

I am so happy that you answered to my email. And it is mean you was interested in me.
I wait your answer so much. And now we can countinue our dating. And i want to tell you more about myself in this email.

As you see, my english is not perfect, but i hope you understand me well. My native language is Russian.
And can talk with you in english.

Now i little about myself. I think you want to know about my sizes. My height is 170 cm, and my weight is 54kg. I am a slim girl.
And i try to be slim forever. I go in for sport for it. 2 times a week in the morning before work i run, and it helps me to be in good form.
Early, when i was a sudent i go in for Athletics, and i liked it so much.

As i told you in my previous email , i live in Russia in town Glazov. It is a small town in Udmurtija Oblast'.
I was born there and live here all my life. I never was in another city or country. My parents and friends live in this town too.
If you want in future i will tell you more about my town.

I don't know what to say you also in this email. It is the first dating for me via internet. And i dont know what to do.
I think you must ask me a questions. And i will answer all your questions with pleasure. By this way i will know what you want to know about me.
Is it right???

And now i want to ask you some questions too. Because i want to know more about you, i want to know all about you. Because you seems very interesting
man. Please tell me about your relatives, about your work, and a place where you live too. It is really important for me to know about your life.
I want to ask you one thing. What do you think about talking in real by
phone?? I think it is a great idea. Because we can hear each other, by this way we can hear emotion each
other. I think it will be important to hear each other.I want it so much. I think you are good men and i want to give you my
number.It is +79371188804. But i think we have a difference in time. I live at
Moscow time. I hope you can found our difference. But i work, and i
can talk with you only in the evening after my work time. It is near 7p.m.
I will be so happy to hear your voice. And please give me your phone number
in the next email, because i will write it to my phone book.
I hope you will answer me quickly, and will answer to my questions. And will ask yours.

Waiting you. Yours Alena.

Hello my sweet Thomas !!! My

Hello my sweet Thomas !!!

My love, thank you for your email and warm words. I love all you make. I love your style, i love your thoughts, i love you my darling Thomas . You know how to make woman happy. You chaged my life absolutely. You made it better!!! You made me the happiest woman in the world. And i cannot imagine my future life without you.

With every your letter i feel more closer to you. And i cannot wait the day we will meet each other. I want kiss your lips, i want touch your hand, i want to be with you so much. I want to see you face to face. i want speak with you in reall. The day of our meeting will be the happiest day in our lifes. We will remember this moment forever. Because this day will change our lifes. I never felt so much love in my heart. And my feelings for you so strong and so honest.
I know that i can trust you 100. You are the man whom i waited all my life. We found each other in this big world, and i think we are very lucky. We was create for each other!!!! I need only you and no one else. And the thought about our first meeting cannot leave my mind.
Every second i try to imagine this moment. I think i will cry when i will see you first time. And it will be tears of happy.

My darling, as i told you before in my previous email, i want to prepare myself for travell to you. I never travelled before and i didn't know what i need for it. And today in the morning i went to travell agency to know about what i need to travel to your country. And travel agents told me all in details. I was happy and sad at one moment. I was happy because they said that the travel to you can be very easy. I need to make some documents for international flight. And i have all attributes for it. When they told me it i felt me the happiest woman, because all i need for travel can be make very easy and fast. But when they said about the prices for this documents i was sad and cannot say anything.

My love for travelling to you i need some documents. It is passport for travelling abroad, visa and medical inquiry. And all of this documents can be make in this travel agency. They said that they work more then 10 years and helped many people to travel. And all i need it is give them some photos for documents and pay for each document. After i will pay they will give me documents in 12-15 days. And then i must buy a tickets and can fly to you my love.
But problem is the prices of this documents. It is very expensive for me to make it. The passport costs 217 US dollars, the visa will costs 322 US dollars and medical inquiry costs 100 . And in total it will costs 639 US dollars. It is so big sum for me. Because i am just a librarian at school. And i never had such sum. When i go to agency i thought that it will costs more and more cheaply. But the sum i need so big, and it is unreal for me to collect it. My love i dont know what to do. I want to cry because i thought that we will be together very soon. And now i start to understand that it is impossible. My sweet i dream about our meeting so much, and now i am so sad. I don't know what to do.... MY mood now very bad.... I am in panic because i really don't know what i can do.... Anyway now we know what we need for meeting. And i hope together we can solve this problem. I know you are very good and clever man and can find a right dicision.

I want to be happy so much. And i will be happy only if i will be with you. Without you my life is nothing. I cannot imagine my life without you.
Now i will send you it, i feel me so bad today because of this news. I feel taht i will begin to cry right now.
My darling now i am sending you it and will wait your answer.
Kiss you. All my love. Alena.


excuser moi messieu mais je

excuser moi messieu mais je ne comprend vraiment pas comment ca se fait qu'il y as du monde qui embarque et envoie de largent personnelement

elle n'aura jamais eu 1 cenne de moé.Mais elle fait quand meme chier elle était tres jolie et veut veut pas apres 3 mois des liens se tisse.

Le pire la dedans ces qu'il y en a 3 autres russes qui me parle .Je vais les flusher asser vite.


bon, d'accord pour la superbe

bon, d'accord pour la superbe beauté, mais  pour se faire plumer, il faut être pigeon. Alors autant en profiter, lui laisser envoyer un maximum de photos, même et surtout des sexys si elle le fait, mais envoyer de l'argent, non!


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