Daria Nikolaeva

Daria Nikolaeva, Appartment 22, 33 Gagarina Ulitsa (Street), Cheboksary, 428003, Russia
+7 9613479667
Modèle d'arnaque

Elena Yarostskaya
(a.k.a: Katty Meret, Eugenia Nikolaychuk, Daria Nickolaeva (Nikolaeva), Evgeniya Bazhenova) Russia (Russie), Novosibirsk / Zherdevka

First name, Last name: Olga Olga

Date of Birth: 26 September 1984

Country, City: Russie, Kirov

E-mail: olga.sweet12@gmail.com

Via which site you known: google is my friends ;) pour trouver les victimes.


She is also using the identity of Daria Nikolaeva, and engineer working for Starko, the largest construction company in Cheboksary, Chuvashia, Russia.

Her address is given as

Daria Nikolaeva,

Apartment 22,

33 Gagarina Ulitsa,



Russia. end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Telephone Number [?]: +7-961-3479667

She has used various scams: a car crash which cost her so much that she does not have the money for a ticket, or visa, or the customs bond for travel to you (usually at the last moment). She also claimed to have won a lottery, but the ticket she e-mails does not match the drawn numbers for that lottery draw. The scam there is that she has to pay tax on her winnings before she can collect. No lottery anywhere asks for that, otherwise no one could ever win. She also got the tax level wrong! She claims to have a policeman brother, a jealous ex-boyfriend who will kill you if you travel to see her (!) and to suffer a nervous breakdown requiring an unpaid month off work, staying at her parents' home in the country.

Whoever this woman really is, she has got a very good scriptwriter. But something is always not quite right in whatever she tells you. If you challenge anything, she can turn nasty, and level accusations against you, that make YOU feel guilty.

She will telephone you on a mobile phone, but "run out of credit" before you can call back. In fact these are either stolen phones or sim cards which are cut off by the phone service.

The pity is that if she really was the woman she says, or used her talents for fiction legitimately, she would earn more, and have a better lifestyle that she'll ever get this way.

Beware of Daria, she'll break your heart long before she's emptied your wallet! ("Oh xxxx, I'm not interested in your finances" - Yeah, as if!)

beautiful girl

Clin d'œilbeautiful girl


moi aussi j'ai communiquer

moi aussi j'ai communiquer avec elle pendent 2 mois elle sapelais Angelica je me doutais que c'étais un arnaque et en vérifient sur internet j'ai vue sa photo et je lui est mentionner et depuis elle a disparu aucune nouvelle c'étais vrais une arnaque.


This lady has no moral

This lady has no moral ethics. she just lies through her teeth. She wrote a letter saying she lost her husband and child in an accident. How low can you stoop.


Oh.... che vedo ancora, qui

Oh.... che vedo ancora, qui la signora si chiama "Daria".... in Italia noi abbiamo il noto regista cinematografico Dario Argento che produce films di suspense e paura..... la signora in questione invece riesce a fare films veri con il sorriso e con meno fatica..... io direi che la stessa e' accostabile ad un Bin Laden in gonnella.... o se vogliamo orientarci nei vecchi giornalini di fantascienza, questa a pieno titolo potrebbe essere "Sathanik"......




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