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le même que toutes les autres discution via email pour finir par inventer une histoire carément stupide du genre amour tristésse et besoin d'argent pour se sauver d'un pére oprésseur qui oblige sa fille a se prostituer elle veux s'enfuire et a besoin d'argent via western union d'urgence 743 euro la somme je la trouve bizar mais bon je ne les pas crue alors attention a tous

dernier email envoyer par

dernier email envoyer par elle

Wonderful weekend for you XXXX !!!
My love, how are you? As your mood?
this Saturday afternoon. What weather do you have?
Today we have wonderful
It's cold (- 14 degrees).
It is very cold, but darker than I
get dressed
for warmer and go to Internet - cafe to write
for you this
wonderful letter.
My love isXXXX, I miss you and
Every day without you
I'm sad, but I
do not lose hope for our meeting. I believe that
One day
we'll be together,
we love each other forever.
The world is my love you
I love you with all my heart and soul.
XXXXX, I'm glad that you
have the opportunity
help me out. Today I went to a travel
agency and find
out how you can transfer money
for me. I was advised to Western Union
MoneyGram. What do you think? I was told that
it is fast and secure way
to transfer money.
To transfer money you need to know
My information (full
name, city, country).
Here's my info:

First name: TATYANA
My country: Russia
My city: Zhigulevsk

My love, you
can now send money.
So do I need to know your information
(Full name, city
and country, the amount of translation
secret code), so that I could take the
money from
you. I hope you understand me and
the next letter you send the
As soon as you send the money, I'll start right away
do everything
necessary to visit ... OK!
I look forward to your reply.
I love and miss
you with all my heart I embrace you.
Your sweet Tatyana.




Ici, je dirais de profiter de

Ici, je dirais de profiter de ses photos : on a envie de ramoner entre ses nibards, non? En plus son regard semble dire que cela ne lui déplairait pas. Pourquoi ne pas tenter d'obtenir plus d'images, plus érotiques? Si ça marche, c'est toujours ça de gagné...


Its person your name new

Its person your name new is:Katya

you new mail:



the photo are the same

call for sending the money through

western union


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