natalia Obukhova, Natalya Vostroknutova

Prénom/First name
Nom/Last name
29 rue Pastukhova - appartement 163

Spoke for couple of months

Spoke for couple of months with this person, all plans made to come to Egland, scammed me for money for help with travel, tried to get more, said she need to prove she could support her stay in England, want £3000, i made checks with travel agent she said she booked with, and they never seen or heard of her, i have lots more proof this person is a scammer, to much to mention, Watch out, The detail above are what she gave me, With me she use the email address     hope this helps.


Hi Vodazone,Please see the

Hi Vodazone,

Please see the entry that I have add here in this site, her name is now Tamara Floret. Thank you for placing your warning, that confirms what already tha singles site already warned me about her, that she was fake. I knew that, only wanted to see how she developes her scam.
Those pics that you have uploaded I also have received and others more.



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